Stamping Nails




Introduction: Stamping Nails

Fun and messy!

Step 1: Collect

You will need: Basecoat. I used sinful colours A bottom colour. I also used sinful colours baby blue A nice thick colour. I used rimmel London 200. A top coat. I used natural collection. Stamping kit. Can be purchased frompoundland. Nail varnish romover and cotton balls. From asda/ Walgreens

Step 2: Add Basecoat

Add your 1st layer. To protect your natural nail.

Step 3: Add Your Main Colour

My blue, make it thin and even.

Step 4: Messy

Get your stampedes out. This step is messy so have a piece of paper at hand. So, you colour over your chosen pattern and scrape it off. Basically just do what it says on the packet. You don't always get it the first time but with practice you will improve

Step 5: Clear

Add the clear

Step 6: Done!

Well done!



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