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My parents are the age of most people's grandparents (late 80's) and at this point in their lives, material gifts mean very little to them.

They have downsized practically all possessions, but do appreciate anything related to their family and offspring.

For their Christmas gift, I am coordinating a visual family tree with the unique thumbprint, signature and birth date of each family member.

This Instructable has been written to provide an idea of the finished project, which is expected to be completed by Christmas 2013.

Step 1: Very Few Items Are Needed...

-free hand (or clip art) drawing of a bare tree
-a sheet of cardstock*
-several shades of green stamp pads
-sharpie markers

*while this Instructable uses cardstock to create the sample, many of my siblings live out of state.  For the actual gift, foamboard is being used as it is more durable when traveling via the US Postal Service.

Step 2: Transfer the Tree

Basically a bare tree is drawn on the cardstock/foam board along with my parents wedding anniversary date.

This Instructable along with the empty tree (on foamboad), an assortment of green stamp pads and sharpies will then start making the rounds a large envelope early next month.

I will also enclose a letter with mailing addresses which asks that each of my 6 siblings be responsible for getting their kids to randomly place a thumbprint on the tree, along with a signature and date of birth before forwarding the contents to the next sibling in line.

Step 3: Once the Tree Is Filled In... will be mailed to the coordinator last (me!) and will be placed in a frame as the family gift to our parents.

I know this simple gift will be appreciated by them as it cost practically nothing and was created with love in mind.



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    Love it! What a great idea!

    Such a thoughtful gift. I really have to make this........ ._.


    I do wish I could give these to my folks for Christmas!

    This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)