Craft foam is a great material for your home made stamps. It can be easily cut and shaped to make stamps. I wanted to make stamps for my wife who is into scrapbooking and it would be nice with custom stamps. I have previously made a small laser cutter and used this as the cutting tool. But I wanted to make this instructable easy for everyone to replicate without any special tools.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

You don't need a lot of material for this and just some basic tools. If you want you can use a computer to design your pattern and then of course you will need a computer and printer as well.

Craft foam - I use 1/16" thick.
Masonite - Backing of old picture frames can be a good source.
A handle - Ordinary knobs from a cabinet door works well.
Countersunk screw for the knob (optional).

Sharp knife.
Super glue
Pocket laser engraver (Optional) ;)
<br> I've done some stamps with a 200mW red laser cutter but I did it a bit different. If you use a foam with sticky backing, you can cut more detailed stamps (for example, those with text messages) because you don't have to transfer every little detail onto the backing.<br> <br> Also, as a (yet untried) idea - what I'm hoping to do one day is to use sticky-backed foam, make the cuts for the shapes and then use the same laser to melt away those parts that supposed to be removed instead of removing them with an x-acto knife. Problem with removing parts of the stamp with a knife is that the sticky back holds too well. Some of the parts just don't want to go and it is really difficult to deal with smaller parts.<br> <br> For this particular technique I'm waiting for a bunch of broken DVD-RW drives I bought on eBay to come in so I can build one of your <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-laser-engraver/">pocket engravers</a> (although my implementation will include direct drive from EMC2 software via a ready-made $20 3-motor bipolar stepper controller, I'll describe it better when I complete it).&nbsp; Right now I have the laser mounted on an actual CNC router and it's too heavy a piece of machinery to make it laser off what will basically become a raster image. Your cutter/engraver should be much more agile&nbsp; and, frankly, considering that it's built from discarded parts, I would not worry much if it breaks after a few hours of use, I'll just replace the motors with ones from another disassembled DVD-RW :)<br> <br> Oh, and another thing, Groover, I see you've entered this one into the MakerBot Challenge, just wanted to mention that I've seen a design on the Net that uses discarded CD/DVD drives for a 3D printer! Well, as we're painfully aware, the size limitations are still 1.5&quot; x 1.5&quot; x 1.5&quot; but it should be enough to get someone familiar with 3D printing techniques. You got me hooked onto these little DVD-based projects, makes my head spin when I think about many possibilities to use them ! :)<br> <br> I'll be sure to vote for this one, too, hope you win the 3D one as well.<br> <br> Cheers!<br>
I'm working on a way to engrave raster images. It's not going great at the moment. But it could be used for stamps if I ever get it to work. <br><br>Now you got me thinking of 3D printing... :)<br><br>It shouldn't be to hard to do with an old glue gun with a modified temp control, some kind of controlled feeder and a way to move the Z axis. When the laser normally turns on it could turn on the feeder. Using some kind of plastic straw much like the MakerBot. The more I think of it the more I think it could work. Again, with a very small workspace.
Cool. I will be trying this soon!
Fantastic! I wonder if our laser cutter will cut this stuff. . .
I cut it with a 200mW red laser. If you have a commercial laser cutter you might be able to cut it with low power and high speed.
I knew there had to be a good use for this stuff. excellent idea!

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