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This is the follow up project from my cd player adapter project I did earlier to make a stand alone cd player. Other computer recycling projects I did were the Case/Safe and the EPFU.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

This is my version of how to make a stand alone cd player using your old and useless computer case.

Here's a bunch of things I used to build mine and you'll probably need:

  • hacksaw (to cut the sheet metal)
  • electric drill and various drill bit sizes
  • bench vice
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • metal file
  • an old computer case (preferably with both doors)
  • wooden planks of various sizes
  • cardboard box
  • paint i.e, (spray paint)
  • lots of screws
Of coarse, to build a functional stand alone cd player, make sure yours has a play button and a headphone jack and volume knob if you want to use the front part. To get audio at the back of your CDROM directly to your computer speakers, you'll need the audio
cable that plus into it and a 3.5mm audio jack.

deeppu11 months ago
how you make the circuit? plz upload photo of circuit because i am confused.
Could I uses a power supply from an on computer to puwer the cd drive to play through speakers
MrJentis (author)  pvtrobertearl1 year ago
Yes you could, that's if you don't mind the cumbersome bulk it adds.
profpat1 year ago
nice project!

lacking is the amp for the speakers..
something like this, which i assemble using prefboard and two tda2002 ic amplifiers - 12volts d.c. 5 watts output per channel..
tda 2002 amp.jpg
MrJentis (author)  profpat1 year ago
That's a nice amplifier you've made there, but it wouldn't work with the laptop charger I used in my setup because it was just barely enough to power the CDROM and nothing else. Besides, my design was as simple as possible and used the computer speakers as the audio output which already have a built-in amplifier and volume control. An additional amp along with the CDROM and bigger speakers would have required a beefier power supply which would most likely need a large and heavy transformer and not as compact as a laptop charger. I hope you see what I'm getting at here...


this amp will work with just a 12volts 1ampere ac-dc adapter/charger, i know laptop charger gives around 19V- 3.49amps and above..
To complete this geek set, you must have HDD speakers! I hopefully (If i don't forget) will have a picture of my setup with some hdd speakers!
What are HDD speakers?
Thanks for the link, that's a good trick! Back in the old days of computer service the linear motor that drove the head stack was sometimes called the actuator, sometimes the voice coil!
sroy51 year ago
good post & thnx .I wl try it more pc component recycle tute.
farna1 year ago
With a USB to IDE adapter added you could use a small single board computer like the relatively new Raspberry Pi ( to add juke-box and video features. Would be nice little multi-media device then, and kept to the size of two cd-rom drives even with power supply built-in. Has TV output as well as HDMI, though I don't know if it's powerful enough to do HDTV decoding. Of course you could go all the way with a full featured SBC like this -- -- or maybe a mini ITX board. At 6.7"x6.7" (170mmx170mm) it's a bit big though (the SBC in the link might be a bit too big as well, couldn't find the size in mm or inches, just in "mils".
it would be cool with a monitor so it could play movies
They have something like that--it's called a "laptop".
To drive the monitor, you need the video subsystem that's usually part of the motherboard, so you might as well get an obsolete computer. You don't need much RAM and you can run one of the smaller Linux distributions. Not using Windows lets you use a really cheap machine that has been wiped before being junked by a corporate office, since the corporate mind regards a computer without Windows as waste.
e5frog1 year ago
It would be fun to be able to use the kind of drive that only has the eject button - control it through the IDE interface.

Nicola Tesla: Why HDD speakers, don't they sound like crap? ;-)
aamin51 year ago
wow, sheer bad luck...i just gave my old pc away for recycling 4 days ago...wish i had seen this before!

Nice fun little project, kudos!
cool project! how hard is it to find a comp cd player with the control buttons still on it?
MrJentis (author)  amandaghassaei1 year ago
funny you should ask. I have a few that doesn't!
Not too hard. I have a box full of them. I'd say about 1 in 4 drives you pull from an old computer has this.

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