Picture of Stand up paper dove
For Easter I made a 3D paper dove for my wife. She liked it so much she suggested I post an instructable for it. So here goes...

Things you will need:

1) Heavy stock (card) paper 8.5"X 11" ( I suggest using a non acid paper if you want it to last and not yellow over time.) 
2) A sharp craft blade
3) A pair of small scissors. (Cuticle scissors are best)
3) A #2 pencil
4) An art gum eraser. (White one is best)
5) A 12" steel ruler or other stiff (clean) metal edge.
6) Soap and water.
7) Artistic ability or the ability to trace really well. (I use the latter)
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Step 1: Layout

Picture of Layout
First step is to wash (and dry) your hands so as not to mar the paper with smudges.

Some terms used in this instructable:

Crisp/Crisping - Meaning to sharpen the fold by running a stiff metal or other hard (non marking) material along the fold
Mountain fold - Meaning a fold that goes in the same direction as the main fold
Valley fold - Meaning a fold that goes in the opposite direction of the main (or opposite a mountain) fold.

Hoping the picture helps explain.

Fold the paper in half length wise, use the steel ruler or straight metal edge (with moderate force) down the fold to make it crisp.

Step 2: Draw your pattern

Picture of Draw your pattern
Lightly sketch the half  pattern of the dove along the fold.

When you are happy with your design, cut along the wings and clouds with the sharp blade and scissors.
Note that you will cut in towards the body of the bird a short way for the winds and cut a small slit at the fold as seen in the photos below.

Don't forget to cut the tail at the fold, notice that it is not a complete cut.

Step 3: Erase the pencil marks

Picture of Erase the pencil marks
When you are done cutting out the pattern, gently erase any left over pencil lines using the art gum eraser.

Erase towards the edge of the paper so as not to wrinkle it.