Step 4: Bringing power to the chip

Picture of Bringing power to the chip
Step 4 - Power to chip 2.jpg
Step 4 - Power to chip 3.jpg
Step 4 - Power to chip 4.jpg
Step 4 - Power to chip 5.jpg
First hook up 3 wires as shown in the photo. One is going to be ground/negative (the black wire shown), and 2 will be to the positive.

If you can't tell which pins are being connected on the chip, look at the 5th image in this step which is a pin mapping that I pulled from Arduino's website to reference. Going by that, you can see that our ground/negative (black) wire is going to pin 22, and the 2 positives (the red wires) are going to pins 20 and 21.

Next hook up 1 more positive (red) wire and 1 more negative (black) wire as shown in the 3rd/4th photos (they're the same thing...just one is zoomed in more).

Again, if you can't tell, look at the Arduino mapping, and you can see that we're connecting our ground/negative (black) wire to pin 8, and the positive (red) wire to pin 7.

fenderfreek5 years ago
+5v lines should be connected to pins 20 and 21 (the photo has it done correctly, caption and instructions incorrectly identify the pins)
domiflichi (author)  fenderfreek5 years ago
Thanks for the correction fenderfreek. I appreciate that. I have updated Step 4 now. 
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No problem. Thanks for the writeup!