Standalone Arduino UNO





Introduction: Standalone Arduino UNO

This is just a replica of my arduino UNO. They are easy to program, all you need to do is just connect RX TX GND Reset ----------------- So far I have made 6 of them lol which are currently being used by other projects.



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    look how i connect them

    photo (1).JPG

    all the pins are accessible.

    i use them without problems look


    sorry i forgot to put the part list lol

    (1) Atmel 328p
    (1) 5V regulator
    (1) small PBC from radishack
    (1) Red small LED
    (1) Green small LED
    (2) 10uf 35v Capacitor
    (1) Push Button to reset it
    (2) 22pF Ceramic Capacitor
    (1) 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
    (2) 510 Resistor
    (1) 1K Resistor
    (1) 16,000 Crystal
    (23) Male Headers "wish i had Females, but i only had Males Available"
    (1) terminal to connect power source.

    there is another picture


    how to connect it to a pc to program it

    i think u should add a usb soccet

    i built the same ckt , i have connected TX->RX, RX->TX, RST, 5v, Gnd as specified by you, i have removed the controller from uno board, i am using Arduino 1.5.5 ver IDE, arduino port checked its on com7, the boot loader is pre loaded for arduino....
    when i hit upload i get the following error msg....
    avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
    can you guide me on this pls ???

    I had the same problem, but i solved it. Its very easy to solve it. When you have had uploaded the program to your arduino, under uploading just unplug or turn your arduino off, once you did it, the problem will be solved, and you can try again to upload the program with success :)

    Give me your email. I'll send you a video to guide you!

    Good Tutorial! :D
    I just had a question on how you program it using an Arduino Uno?