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Introduction: Standalone Facebook Chat

I will show you how to use facebook chat without launching facebook. It makes it more Instant message like. It can also be used for the yahoo web messenger.

Step 1: Step One

You will need to download prism mozilla from make sure to download the standalone application.

Step 2: Step 2

Extract prism to a directory that you can locate. Run prism.exe and you should get a diolg box that looks like this one.

Step 3: Step 3

Enter In the URL field and name it anything you wish. Make sure you check the desktop and or the start menu so it will save the link. Also you can put in the URL if you would like to use the yahoo based web messenger.

Step 4: Step 4

Launch the link and login. You will get an error, just wait and it will go away. Then you should be logged in. Also make sure you don't have another instance of facebook open.



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     this is nice. Why don't you use the xmpp/jabber protocol though?

    Facebook has recently released a page dedicated to instructions to use facebook chat through a regular im client. Here is a link:

    3 replies

    I didn't know that, thanks

     you're welcome. Working on my linux box with empathy.

    Nice, but it sems to be saying '503: Service Unavailable'.. in pidgnin. (yes all settings are correct...)