Picture of Standalone Slackline Structure
This structure allows you to set up a slackline without using trees, poles, or A-frames. It's very easy to build!

I suggest reading through this Instructable for ideas and then making improvements wherever you see fit. I'm definitely not a pro :)

Step 1: The nuts and bolts

There's not much to it. If you want to copy my design, you'll need:

8'-foot 2x4s (x9)
6" long ½" bolts (x12) with nuts (x12) and washers (x24)
Simpson Strongtie End Post Cap LCE4 (x4)
Simpson Strongtie Tie Plate (x8)
Simpson Strongtie Shelf Bracket CF-R (x2)
Nails for Strongties
3" Wood screws
A hammer, drill, and saw.
ckraske1 year ago
Love it thanks
tqwerty3 years ago
Great idea!
Although I would be concerned about being injured on the beam or on the beam's protruding screws...
WYE_Lance (author)  tqwerty3 years ago
Yes, the bolts are a bit of a hazard, especially because some of the bolts I selected are an inch too long (7" instead of 6"). This isn't a good setup to learn slacklining, but it's wonderful for people like me who enjoy slacklining but don't have any other way to set it up.
Jayefuu3 years ago
Ha. How did I miss this when you published it? Doesn't beat two trees, but if you don't have two trees, this is great! Didn't know you slacklined lance, love the slow-mo shots!

WYE_Lance (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
Thanks! Glad you liked the slowmo shot - I thought it may have been a little too 'show-off-ish.' I'd rather have two trees also, but alas my yard lacks that. And besides, this way I get to play with power tools and enter the wood contest :)
Mr. E Meat3 years ago
I think I might adapt this for an indoor hammock stand!