Standard Knex V4 Car





Introduction: Standard Knex V4 Car

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So, just the same as my last Instructable. But this time i have taken off the rally parts to show what the car would look like as a normal everyday car. I would say that there is a little bit more space in the interior, which is probably because the roll cage isn't in anymore. But this then makes a negative impact on the car as the roof is more sustainable to damage as there isn't as much protection from roll-overs anymore. One cool feature now is that there's a back seat, for back seat passengers.

So that's it, Hope you like, and Thanks :)



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    Thank You Bro, I Commented On Your Car :)

    I have added both of your k'nex cars in my k'nex cars group. Great job on the cars, keep upm the good work! :)

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    Thank You For The Support! :D

    No problem I think you will make something even better than those. Good luck! :)