"The Blueprint"- Standard knex pistol for inexperienced knexers.

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I'm sick of seeing these single-shot block trigger pistols with the trigger so far up the barrel that you need to stretch your thumb 3 miles to make it shoot, then it only shoots half the length of Justin Bieber's crotch because the trigger was so far up the barrel that the pin only got pulled back an inch. 

So I have made a new standard for single-shot knex pistols.  Notice this one has a bullet lock EXACTLY where the pin ends, has a very long pin draw, and a true trigger.  Yes, a TRUE TRIGGER.  Some credit to Mepain because I kind of jacked it off of his war rifle, but it was to make a point. 

BUT DEEJAY IF I MAKE THE TRIGGER BLOCK THE RAM THAT FAR BACK, I WILL END UP PULLING THE RAM OUT OF THE GUN!!111  Nonsense, that's what the ram lock at the end of the gun is for.

Neat bonus:  It has sights, so you can aim at your target easier. 

This gun was made according to the guidelines in Oodalumps's guide to good performing knex guns.  If any new knexer posts a pistol here, link them to this to give them a good example of a knex pistol.

I will not post this gun, because I think it is so simple and you could build it from the pictures if you want.  The only reason I made this was to set a standard that newbies could build off of.

UPDATE: instructions courtesy of Ajleece:  http://www.instructables.com/id/DJ-Radios-The-Blue-print-Simple-KNex-Pisto/
ajleece4 years ago
~Meme~3 years ago
Deep inside DJ, he is humorous.
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~3 years ago
Real life DJ, he is silent and often times has no idea what to say and just stands there looking like an awkward mess.

True story.
~Meme~ DJ Radio3 years ago
Quite a different story on Instructables and KI!
~Meme~3 years ago
The big question: is there a blueprint rifle?
DJ Radio (author)  The Chunky Sniper!3 years ago
Not A Rectangle is a good one.
What now?
DB20164 years ago
Cool, I'm new here, I built a gun, just came here, and it has all of this! except iron sights, it has something else. It's a different design than this, but for what it has similar to this I have. Cool!
DJ Radio (author)  DB20164 years ago
Wait, so you're saying yours has a trigger that blocks very far back like mine? Can you get a pic or 2?
DB2016 DJ Radio4 years ago
Posted. Also, I thought you said sights were worthless... Well, I only wanted them the same reason you did.
DJ Radio (author)  DB20164 years ago
I was talking about those "Scopes" that people put on their fake snipers that really don't shoot far at all.
DB2016 DJ Radio4 years ago
I wasn't.
James3684 years ago
just a copy of the desert eagle
DJ Radio (author)  James3684 years ago
What is with kids and posting nonsense comments on my stuff? I made a TR video on my channel more than a year ago and someone said it looked like the Halo Reach grenade launcher even though it was posted before the beta came out.
wow... nice one shot...
DJ Radio (author)  X Files4 years ago
I know right?
My favorite gun you yours, by far.
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
Why so? And thanks for that.
Not too sure to be honest.

Thats the way it is sometimes ;-)
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
lolwut? There's got to be some reason you like this better than my other stuff.
I think its got something to do with the fact that this is the most "no-nonsense" gun that you've built thus far.

In my opinion.
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
You know you're actually right.
MrSillyGuns4 years ago
What happened to the list thing where all the bad knex guns go? I've probably asked this 1000 times :/
DJ Radio (author)  MrSillyGuns4 years ago
It got banned by admin in 2009.
Really? I posted a version I made some years ago. I still have it actually, it's not updated past like 2009 though. It's not really any use anymore, but it's still out there.

DJ Radio (author)  dsman1952764 years ago
Someone posted the list in a comment on a random block trigger in 2009 and Admin decided to step in and say that the list is not allowed anymore. The staff probably overlooked your version because it got buried.
thats stupid
dsman1952764 years ago
Well heres my review since you asked so kindly for it ;)

My first impression had me worried a bit, I won't lie. Being that I saw the small picture first, all at that size it doesn't look to different from a standard block trigger (Considering the name of the gun, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect).

All things considered, it's a lot better then I originally has assumed. The Trigger system and handle are definitely pro's, I like them a lot. The triggers compact, but also gives the Firing-Pin a really good pullback. And being that it's made to be a beginners gun, it's good that you added all these concepts into it.

Really, I don't see any con's to the gun, everything fits together well. The only thing I'm not amazingly hot on is the look, but honestly that's just completely subjective.

I'd love to see a version with a stock, Firing-Pin guide and such, I love what you've done with the concepts, it really is a good gun that can be built off of easily. I can see this gun made into stuff from snipers to rifles and such. It'd be a little work, but I can definitely see it being done.

Good work my friend ;-) ,

DJ Radio (author)  dsman1952764 years ago
Lol I wasn't expecting a full blown review but Ok then...

This kind of feedback tells me I did what I wanted to, and I did it well. You definitely need to do more of these. As for the looks part, I decided to discard that in favor of making a well-functioning simple pistol for people to build off of.

As for you wanting to see a version with a stock, firing pin guide, etc, Razzlekunai has that covered below in the comments. ;-)
KnexFreek4 years ago
Me likey
DJ Radio (author)  KnexFreek4 years ago
Thanks dawg. You totally missed my HBR replica. Or at least you didn't comment on it.
i guess i did lol, ill have to go check that out
Very nice. Sounds like something Maddox would say.
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend4 years ago
How did I not notice this comment until now?
razzlekunai4 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai4 years ago
That's awesome.
Mikestr124 years ago
its a standard gun for new knexers but im 10 and ive just started and i made a rifle with a bipod and a double bayonet.(by the way im on my bros profile and hes a lot bettr than me so check out his guns theyr pretty cool)
Bartboy4 years ago
Still got it.
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy4 years ago
I hope you don't say that YOU are inexperienced.
Because if so, you would waste your talents. : )
DJ Radio (author)  erikos kostarikos4 years ago
For the average knexer, 2 1/2 years is pretty good experience-wise. But that's nothing compared to the guys at KI. I'm well-seasoned, but by no means am a sage.
When did you start building knex guns?
I started 3 1/2 years ago... :-D
I started 5 years ago. : )
Lol ive been doing it for 4 1/2 years lol. I started about June 2007.
lol me too!
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend4 years ago
Around the time I joined the site tbh.
Yes, but you're certainly not a beginner.
ajleece4 years ago
Here we go. Time to build it.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece4 years ago
Stickied your link.
Seleziona4 years ago
Good standard pistol!
DJ Radio (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
I just discovered some dude made 2 accounts and rated all my guns down today. I really don't care except that Dutchwarlord's BR is rated higher than mine even though mine is better in terms of looks. What is this community coming to? (I wish you could convey emotion in comments so you would notice the last statement was sarcasm)
What IS this community coming to??? And was that entire comment sarcastic?
DJ Radio (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
No, just the last sentence.
Oh, okay. It's just that I thought you didn't care a thing about ratings, so I was wondering. And the thing where people rate other people's things down for no reason is just odd, but whatever...
DJ Radio (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
Lol the only reason it concerns me is that someone would waste time making 2 accounts and rating all my things down with them.
I totally agree. You really don't need to waste time like that, ratings really don't matter.
DJ Radio (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
True, especially considering that it happened yet again just now.
lol, what a coincidence!
On the first paragraph, I believe you misspelt vagina.
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend4 years ago
oh! just got that one. lol
builder9684 years ago
First paragraph made me ROFLMAO.
64runners4 years ago
If this is inexperienced pistol? WHAT'S ADVANCED?!
Another thing, do you have a better pic of the trigger mech?
DJ Radio (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t4 years ago
Go look at Mepain's war rifle thread on KI, there are some trigger pics there. Use the search box.
alright will do.
DJ Radio (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t4 years ago
In case you couldn't find it I put it in the slideshow.
If you can see the green connector, it's connector a hinge in the back next to the sideways gray connector. Ram goes through the gray connector to fire.
DJ Radio (author)  Raikou-san4 years ago
Not quite. You got the ram going through the trigger bit right though.
Ah, okay. That trigger's pretty neat.
Randomguy654 years ago
Hmm, seems simple enough.
Hey how'd your operation go?
At the doctor right now talking to you on my dads iPhone. My eyes where showing sings of damage, so they are Going to check. If I get the operation it might be on the 28th of this month.
ajleece4 years ago
I reckon you should post instuctions to be honest. Inexperience k'nexers could build this as a good first single shot. If you don't wanna make instructions, i can.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece4 years ago
Go ahead if you want. I just don't think it's anything special, it's just to set a standard for newbies. Frankly, I don't have the time even if I did want to post this.
Okay. But, yeah. I reckon it's a good standard for noobs. But noobs probably need instructions! Haha.

But, if i find time (this friday) i'll make it and post instructions. Hopefully they'll be good too!
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece4 years ago
Thanks. I'm gonna give this gun a name and get a trigger pic later today, I'm at school and can't do this from my phone.
Haha, okay, cool.
webby4274 years ago
Nice 4.5*.
well said DJ, well said
Wow, I could not have said it better. Also this looks like a fun gun to play around with I think I'll build off those pictures. 5*s mostly because you made a good point and it's a cool gun.
Furloy4 years ago
interistin, i think ill build it
Vynash4 years ago
Not bad!