Introduction: Standup Paddleboard Storage Stand

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Step 1: The Basic Supplies

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  • (1) MDF Board (40" x 24")
  • (1) MDF Board (24" x 7" or higher if you'd like)
  • (4) 4x4s dimensional lumber (36.50" each)
  • (2) 4x4s (24" long)
  • (4) corner brace
  • (4) 3" mending plates
  • screws

Step 2: Just a Thought: Bottom Protection

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This step is totally preferential but should be given consideration before proceeding:

How would you like to protect the part of the board where the board or board bag will be standing/leaning on.

This could make cutting easier later on or save cut outs completely.

Options are:

  1. Paint with Polyurethane coat
  2. Paint with vinyl over it
  3. Only vinyl
  4. Carpet
  5. self-adhesive vinyl tiles

Step 3: Lining Up the Lumber

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  1. making sure it all lines up correctly (the 4x4 side bar should leave 3.5" from the top)
  2. nailing/screwing the top 4x4 to the bottomboard from the bottom, lining up with edge and corners (no picture)
  3. lining up the outside 4x4s with the outside edge T-boning the top 4x4 and nailing/screwing them to the bottomboard board upside down
  4. place and screw corner braces in place

Step 4: Measuring Placement for the Middle Bar / Divider

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  • place by eye or measure correctly depending on the widths of your boards (preferential)
  • perfect middle on the 24" wide stand should be 6.75" from the already placed 4x4

3.5 - 6.75 - 3.5 - 6.75 - 3.5 = 24"
Bar - Space - Bar - Space - Bar = Total

Step 5: Placing the Head Board & the 2nd Level Top Board

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Which one gets mounted on first doesn't matter. I don't have individual pictures. So, as to not confuse anybody, I'm combining this step.

  • mount the 2nd level 4x4 to the bottom with the 3" flat brackets (braces) in the middle or each slot
  • as well as on the side portions of the 4x4s connecting upper and lower (no picture of mount, see sketch)

Step 6: Securing the 2nd Level Top Board to the Head Board From the Inside

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screw braces on connecting both top 4x4s

Step 7: Paint If Preferred

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Painted & coated with Polyurethane

Step 8: Anti-skid Patches

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Invest into self-adhesive anti-skid patches and attach them to the bottom of your stand

Step 9: Slot Lining

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This is a preferential step and in my case I guess I could've left the slots unpainted. This idea however came after I had painted it.

You can use carpet or like I did, 12x12" self-adhesive vinyl tiles. Just cut them in place.

Step 10: You're Finished! :)

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