Introduction: Staple Crossbow

This instructable pretty much shows how to shoot staples with just a rubberband. They are very lethal, dont underestimate them.Have fun with it!

Step 1: Supplies for Our Weapon

Just one rubber band, the kind thats smaller and tighter.And a stack of staples.

Step 2: Staple Break

You want to just tear off one or two staples at a time when you are just beginning,but later you will be able to do much more.

Step 3: Staple Shape

You want to bend(this shouldnt be very hard) the staple into a shape of a checkmark.

Step 4: The Rubberband

Now you need to now how to position the rubberband so you can shoot properly. You want to stretch the rubberband so that the front(in between your fingers) is somewhat taut, if not, you have a hance of shooting yourself.

Step 5: Gripping the Band

After you stretch the rubberband taut, you have to clench it against your palm so that the rubberband doesnt move out of place.Just pretty much make a fist on top of the rubberband.

Step 6: Aiming and Firing

After you have the rubberband held, you must hook the staple onto the rubberband with the hook facing away from you. When you have this done, all you have to do is just pinch the staple with the rubberband and pull back and let go! You should have a lot of fun, but these sure do sting alot, you'll be surprised. If you are having trouble understanding how to shoot it, Watch my video to check it in action.


Master+Wasi+47 made it!(author)2014-11-15

We have wars with these crossbows .Thanks for reminding old days.

Colonel88 made it!(author)2009-11-24

Wicked sweet but hard to grip.
                   Finger slips
            And then it misses.

(no REALLY. Finger does slip on the staple, any way to fix it?)

nave25 made it!(author)2009-11-24

Yeah when you are gripping the staple, you can pinch the staple where it's bent which is also sandwiching the rubberband, making it easier to grip with out slip.

timjelly made it!(author)2009-04-20

a student at my school(in 2006) shot a staple like this at the teacher and was expelled from the school because this happened more than once. the teacher bled

JF196JF made it!(author)2009-04-14

woot! my sister is pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

biggyeyes made it!(author)2008-09-02

lol I did that and my mate bled lol. good thin the staple wire didn' get inside xD

humpiestcow made it!(author)2008-04-27


MisterHankie made it!(author)2008-04-21

ive done this before at school during an assembly like 3 years ago and it was F***ING HILARIOUS (until I got written up)

weebl made it!(author)2007-04-24

i dont think tat it would be lethal but it was fun!!!!!!!!1

duct+tape made it!(author)2008-04-20

Might be lethal in the eye.

nave25 made it!(author)2007-04-24

probobly not lethal, but they sting like a bi*ch

yellow+elephant made it!(author)2008-02-21

these things sting. nice

half3mpty made it!(author)2007-12-06

haha. thats cool. u shuold take a band to school and shoot people wen they studying or something. cuz i always find staples on the ground.

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