Picture of Staples Mirror frame
We had this round Ikea mirror lying around our loft and I decided to make a nice frame for it without spending too much.
If you have everything ready, it shoult take you 1 morning to do it.  It looks very nice and it has an "industrial look to it, Some indirect lighting will make a shadow that looks like a cogwheel. Try your own mirror shapes and staple orientation, I am planing on trying staples at different lengths to have a sun like frame look. 

Step 1: You will need

Picture of you will need
Liquid Nails LN-207.gif
This is what you need, more or less:

Mirror (any size... and shape I guess)
Piece of cardboard or wood. (Please reuse and recycle) has to be big enough to cover the mirror and at least have a 10 cm edge all around.
Glue (I used “Liquid Nails” adhesive at ~3bucks per tube)
Hot glue sticks and a gun.
1 pack of staples, I got a 25 000 pack from Staples for like 5 bucks.
Some cord or wire to hang it.
heavy duty scissors
x-acto knife or equivalent

A T-shirt if you are planning on taking pictures of your project. (sorry)
lktolrn3 years ago
Love it!!!
iOskr3 years ago
Good work... So smart.. Congrats!!
romodoc (author)  iOskr3 years ago
Thank you,
Love this, such a nice idea - always liked the way staples looked out of the pack...
romodoc (author)  killerjackalope3 years ago
Me too, I kept playing with the things until I decided to put them into an usable idea.
Crazy! I never would guess staples from looking at it!
romodoc (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
I know. Nobody guesses until you ask them to guess what is it made of.
RetroTechno3 years ago
Nice! But you need to put a shirt on. :-)
romodoc (author)  RetroTechno3 years ago
I know, Sorry about that. It was too late by the time I realized, I had no pictures of the mirror alone.