We had this round Ikea mirror lying around our loft and I decided to make a nice frame for it without spending too much.
If you have everything ready, it shoult take you 1 morning to do it.  It looks very nice and it has an "industrial look to it, Some indirect lighting will make a shadow that looks like a cogwheel. Try your own mirror shapes and staple orientation, I am planing on trying staples at different lengths to have a sun like frame look. 

Step 1: you will need

This is what you need, more or less:

Mirror (any size... and shape I guess)
Piece of cardboard or wood. (Please reuse and recycle) has to be big enough to cover the mirror and at least have a 10 cm edge all around.
Glue (I used “Liquid Nails” adhesive at ~3bucks per tube)
Hot glue sticks and a gun.
1 pack of staples, I got a 25 000 pack from Staples for like 5 bucks.
Some cord or wire to hang it.
heavy duty scissors
x-acto knife or equivalent

A T-shirt if you are planning on taking pictures of your project. (sorry)
Love it!!!
Good work... So smart.. Congrats!!
Thank you,
Love this, such a nice idea - always liked the way staples looked out of the pack...
Me too, I kept playing with the things until I decided to put them into an usable idea.
Crazy! I never would guess staples from looking at it!
I know. Nobody guesses until you ask them to guess what is it made of.
Nice! But you need to put a shirt on. :-)
I know, Sorry about that. It was too late by the time I realized, I had no pictures of the mirror alone.

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