Star Burst WashCloths





Introduction: Star Burst WashCloths

I love making starburst washcloths because there very useful and inexpensive to make (costing about $1 each) also are great for cleaning and take only 25-30 minutes to make. These washcloth are great in gift baskets!!

Step 1: Supplies

~Sugars and cream yarn
~I/9-5.50mm crochet hook

Step 2: How to Make a Star Burst

Note: you should have 13 star burst

Row 1: chain 30, do 5 half single crochet, your should have 6 loops on your hook then yarn over and pull yarn through all 6 loops, chain 1

How to start a another star burst:

Do 1 half single crochet in the chain you just made, and 1 half single crochet in the first 2 loops on the bottom, 1 half single crochet in the beginning of the star burst, 1 half single crochet in the next 2 single crochet, you should have 6 loops, pull through all of them

Note: you should always have 6 loops on your hook before pulling through all of them

Step 3: Top of the Star Burst

Row 2: chain 1, single crochet 2 in every chain of the star burst

Step 4: Rows 3-14

Rows 3-14: repeat rows 1 and 2

Step 5: Row 15

Row 15: single crochet over the edges and finish off

Step 6: Done

Hope you find this wash cloth useful

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Big Smile. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Just so you know... I voted for you in the dorm hacks contest! Good luck and once again, GREAT PROJECT