In need of a present? Well, here's a simple way to make one out of strips of paper!

Step 1: Step One!

1. Get needles, scissors, clear stretch cord and strips of paper

Step 2: Step Two!

2. Take a strip of paper out

Step 3: Step Three!

3. Start folding the right edge up.

Step 4: Step Four!

4. Make a loop with the strip of paper

Step 5: Step Five!

5. Take the extra part of the strip of paper and put it through the loop

Step 6: Step Six!

6. Pull to the point where the paper aligns and makes a pentagon.

Step 7: Step Seven!

7. Flip the strip of paper over

Step 8: Step Eight!

8. Take the extra part and slip it inside

Step 9: Step Nine!

9. Flip the paper over once again.

Step 10: Step Ten!

10. Fold the long part of the strip of paper up.

Step 11: Step Eleven!

11. Continue to fold the strip of paper over and over.

Step 12: Step Twelve!

12. Once the strip of paper comes down to the smallest part, pull the part out a little bit.

Step 13: Step Thirteen!

13. Then tuck in the strip under the fold.

Step 14: Step Fourteen!

14. Ending with a pentagon.

Step 15: Step Fifteen!

15. Pinch the middle of each side of the pentagon.

Step 16: Step Sixteen

16. End product should look like this! Repeat steps 1-16 for 8 more stars.

Step 17: Step Seventeen

17. Cut out 6 centimeters of Clear Stretch Cord.

Step 18: Step Eighteen!

18. Insert the 6 centimeters of Clear Stretch Cord into the needle.

Step 19: Step Nineteen!

19. Take the needle and poke it into the same place where you pinched the star.

Step 20: Step Twenty!

20. Right through! Repeat this for the other 8 stars.

Step 21: Step Twenty One!

21. String the rest of the stars.

Step 22: Step Twenty Two!

22. Tie a knot at the bottom of the charm.

Step 23: Step Twenty Three!

23. Make a loop at the top and tie it.

Step 24: Step Twenty Four!

24. Cut off any unnecessary string/cords.
<p>Not bad</p>
This is very, very cool. My oldest daughter saw this and immediately wanted to make one. <br>Please post this instructables into the &quot;Forneysclass&quot; group. I'll keep it there for future generations of students to ogle over. <br>You get a 100! It's awesome! JF

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