Contrary to what the title may indicate, these simple instructions to snazzy shoelaces are absolutely foolproof. Follow them and find yourself with two unique shoelace designs: a five-pointed star (sometimes more sinisterly referred to as a pentagram), and a starburst. And the best part? You don't need any extraneous materials, just the pair of shoes on your feet (provided those shoes have six eyelets and laces).

To ensure these instructions are as clear as possible, please remove your shoes before beginning and have them facing you. Hopefully it goes without saying to take your laces out, too. The eyelet closest to the toebox of your shoes will be referred to as eyelet 1, and the eyelet closest to where your ankle would be will be referred to as eyelet 6.

Note: may the stars and stripes of these chic and photogenic Converse (TM?) remind you that you are 100% free to do both shoes in the same design should your little heart desire.

Step 1: Left Shoe (Starburst)

Start with your left shoe by threading the two ends of your shoelace down through eyelet 3 on both sides. Make sure to center your shoelace so that you have the same length to work with on both sides.

<p>super! thanks for sharing?</p>
<p>Super interesting design! Thanks for sharing with the community! </p>

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