This is a project I made for my friend's birthday. His two favorite things are Star Wars and drinking. So I combined the two to make this ice luge. While this doesn't have instructions, I used a chainsaw, electric drill with a one inch spade bit, and a 300 pound block of ice. I bought two blocks, but only needed one. The one was so heavy, that it broke a picnic table.

After a couple of hours of shaping, I was able to rush it over to his birthday party in the back of my car, and it was put in use. Pictures are in reverse order.
TSC3 years ago
Thats sweet! I like it!
icelugeny3 years ago
It is a great design and idea for all Star Wars Fanatics, It was indeed a very good composition in a 300 lbs ice block ($65-$100) this design could be done in 1 to 2 hours but in the real world it could takes 4 days and 5 hours. four days to freeze a 300 lbs crystal clear ice, 3 hours to create the design we're talking about the drawing and enlarging it to fit it in a 20"inches X 40" X 10" inches ice block, then another 1 hour for preparation prior to carve the ice then another 2 hours for execution of the design. The final composition cost around $325 to $450 including delivery setup with ice tray, lights and hardware's depends on availability of your local ice sculpting company like http://www.icesculpturepro.com... or give them a call (1-877 ICE SCULP) they help you redirect to your local ice sculpting company .
Prototyp 813 years ago
HAHA... thats really cool!
you could try making the destroyer out of coca cola... perhaps mixing that rum with coke tastes much better ;)
Iceography4 years ago
I'm a professional Ice Sculptor & Jedi. In all honesty, you did great! The only suggestion that I would make would be to use a funnel with a tube through the ice when making a luge. Melt faster does the alcohol make it...
Incrxtc (author)  Iceography4 years ago
Thanks for the advice! There was a lot of things I would do differently looking back. I had the idea and bought two blocks of ice off some delivery guy at the last minute. I should have prepared more tools and a means of keeping the ice as cold as possible instead of sculpting out in 95 degree heat.
jasonkip4 years ago
Long time lurker, first time poster because I simply couldn't let this one go by without telling you how impressed I am. Most excellent, sir!
evilmadcow4 years ago
instructions? please? pretty please?
phloemxylem4 years ago
WOW,,,, that really looks fake but is really nice.... (:hhh
SHIFT!4 years ago
Ooh very nice! I love doing ice casts myself at a much smaller scale, but since I can see you used a chainsaw to sculpt it, I don't think you used a mold to build it hahaha.
Love the 'drinking channel' - cool! Literally!
bertus52x114 years ago
Your ice block is surprisingly clear! Did you buy it at a special company?
Very cool project!
Incrxtc (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
I did buy the ice from a company that makes ice sculptures. It was the only place in my area that I could find a block of ice that big. The clarity of the ice depends on the freezing process. In this case it was slow freezing which allowed the impurities to escape. I know way too much about ice now because of this project, ha.
Slow freezing and agitated. How its made had an episode on it. I think this clips covers some of the process :)

It is also helpful to use distilled water as well. The brewery I work for has a pub, and that pub has a catering service as a side line, and they offer an Ice luge for those bigger, wilder parties. We had a local metal fab shop cut and fold a stainless steel mold for us. we did the sanitary weld ourselves for the edges, and just use the chilled brewing liquor to fill it in the walk in freezer. a couple of passes of a propane torch is enough to release it from the mold, and the stuff comes out clear and solid more often than not. A dovetail bit on a electric router is more than adequate to cut the channels.
Kevio bro4 years ago
Your on Geekologie: http://www.geekologie.com/2011/03/cold_as_hoth_shots_star_destro.php
ChrysN4 years ago
ilpug4 years ago
scoochmaroo4 years ago
OK, wow, this is awesome. I almost didn't check it out because I thought it was just a drawing you'd done. Maybe switching the first two images would get you more clicks?
Incrxtc (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure how it would look in thumbnail view, but I think it's enough to get the point.