Step 1: Pieces

You will need, a 1 by 10, 2 wing pieces, 2 1 by 1 by 2, 5 1 by 4, 2 1 by 6, 1 1 by 2, 2 1 by 3 plates, and a 2 by 3.

Step 2: Wings and Body

This is pretty self explanatory.

Step 3: Fuselage

Take the 1 by 6s and stick a 1 by 4 on them like the picture.

Step 4: Attach

Attach the fuselage to the body the picture.

Step 5: Tail

Almost done! Add the rest of the pieces on the back like the picture.

Step 6: Finished!

This is my first instructable so plz comment and hoped you liked it
Ah how exactly is that a star destroyer?????
Sweet action I do gotta say I miss my Legos :-)

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Bio: I like beatboxing and my favorite beatboxer is alem. I also own a 3doodler and love making things with it!
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