This is the Star gather stitch.  This instructable is not for an exact item, it is for the stitch pattern that is so distinctive and beautiful looking. 

When I was carrying my first child, I had a friend that made a baby blanket out of this pattern for me.  She showed me how to do it and I have loved it ever since.   I made some twin sized blankets with this pattern and they are sooooo warm!

 This star gather stitch is a yarn eater for sure, but the end result is worth it.  Warm, thick and durable, but soft and very fancy looking.  It is not a hard stitch to master but it looks like it was made by a master craftsman.  And that craftsman will be ...YOU!  You are going to love making heirloom grade pieces for your friends or family!

Step 1: Star Gather -Lets Begin

I am starting out on a base that is already made.  I used a half double crochet stitch for this one. Any odd number of stitches will do.  Then I finished up with a row of HDC in the same alternating color. This was for a scarf to match a crocheted hat.  In part 6 I will show you how to do this stitch in the round for the hat.

Now to start!
1a  Pull a loop through the top of one end of your base, tighten it  and chain 3.

1b  pull up a loop equal to about the width of 2 base chains. This will be the average length of each pull up loop in pattern.

1c  Yarn over hook, and draw up another loop in top of chain... 3 loops on hook

1d  Yarn over hook (YO from now on), and draw up a loop from the base of the chain 3. (The same stitch you began in)   ... 5 loops on hook

1e  skip one base stitch and YO and pull up one loop in next stitch.... 7 loops on hook. Now YO and draw a loop through ALL 7 loops.

<p>This is one over very few stitches I haven't tried and mastered as I am quite accomplished in almost all of the different crochet stitches. Thank you so much for this lesson. I will be adding this to my list of favorite stitches.</p>
I love the look of this stitch, but I'm not sure I understand the steps. (I'm confused by the image). Is there another version possibly with a video that I could reference? Thanks for your help.
Hi Agustafson! <br>Which image is not clear for you? There are around 52 of them. Let me know, and I will re-do the step. I really want people to enjoy making this! <br>I am sorry there is not a video yet. I have never made one and am shy about getting my feet in the water,... so to speak.
Agustafson, I added a piece of video to the bottom step above to help you in seeing how to do this. Any more questions, I will try to address. Thank you!
Hi! New2quilting! Got your questions and have your answers.... <br>The day before yesterday, I made a piece of video that will be part of a larger project. It just happens to be about the foundation chain! Since you need it now, I am uploading it here: (at least this is the url they say it will be at when it finishes uploading) <br>http://youtu.be/TsG1VtHct8k <br> <br>crochet hook size.... I used an 'H' for the gather star, and an I for the sample video here. <br>Size blanket... boy do they vary! The one my friend made for my first baby was(is) 36&quot;by 36&quot; I have made a larger one for a crib blanket. Don't remember the inches, I just went to the crib and measured how big I wanted it. I just checked out Amazon for blanket sizes (love amazon!) and the receiving size there is 30 x30 and the crib blanket size averages 30 x 40 So really it is whatever you want it to be. If it is meant to be a play-on-the-floor blanket, then I would make it bigger. If it is meant to wrap a baby you are carrying, then I would suggest smaller. <br>Type of yarn.... Actually just regular 4 ply works for me. The stitch itself is soft enough that you don't have to go out of your way to find really soft yarn. And don't use any yarn with really high fibers that come out... call it fuzzy. If the yarn is really fuzzy, it will end up matting the stitch together, given a couple of washings. Regular yarn won't do that. <br> <br>Well I hope that answers these questions and I am always open for questions! Teaching is what instructables is all about! <br>Thank you for liking my presentation!
Beautiful! How long did it take to crochet a twin blanket?
If I remembe right I took about 2 weeks. But I could only work on it at night... work and 3 kids and a husband tends to cut the production time down!LOL<br>
That is lovely! I'm only a novice crocheter (I prefer knitting) but I'm definitely going to try this!
That is such a pretty stitch, thanks for sharing!

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