Star Jar Geiger counter triggered LED decoration (2012 remix)

Picture of Star Jar Geiger counter triggered LED decoration (2012 remix)
This instructable builds on top of the Geiger counter triggered LED decorations I made last year. This version powers the Geiger counter from the Arduino (itself now powered from a mains adaptor, so I no longer need to keep feeding them batteries) and the LEDs now fade in and out for a more gentle effect.

What you'll need:

    A Geiger counter with pulse output (I'm using the Gieger counter from MightyOhm)
    A few strings of battery-operated LED decorations (I'm actually using USB-powered strings of stars from Poundland - you want something that'll comfortably run off 5V)
    Arduino-based microcontroller (I'm using an UNO)
    Female header (three sockets' worth)
    Male header (I used an 8 pin run)
    5V power supply for your Arduino (this will also power the Geiger counter)
    Assortment of connecting wires (I used a combination of multi-core, ribbon cable and solid core)
    Soldering equipment, wire cutters, wire strippers etc.
    Insulation tape or heat shrink
    Arduino IDE and an USB cable to connect to your microcontroller
    A jar or other receptacle to put the LEDs in

I'm also assuming you've read the original instructable - if not, now might be a good time to do so!

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