I have a lot of old coffee cans, and tobacco cans laying around, and was trying to think of something to use them for. Here is one of my ideas. It's a star lamp, you can make out of a coffee can, or in this case, a tobacco can.

Step 1: Materials

1 coffee/tobacco can
1 bulb socket
1 cord (I had this one laying around from something or other)

Electrical tape/heat shrink tubing
Wine cork

geez, why make it difficult? Put a candle in there instead! But your idea is a great one!
<p>It depends where you want to use it - in some places it would be impractical and, possibly, positively dangerous to use a candle!</p>
This looks really nice. Good idea. Maybe I will try it one day - with the help of someone who understands electricity.
I&nbsp;love how the pinholes show squiggley lines projected from the length of the filament in the bulb&nbsp;:D&nbsp; Great stuff!<br />
That's nice.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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