Make  your own star lamp from Lindt easter egg and Energizer flash light

Step 1: What You Will Need

- Dremel rotary tool or smt similar, you can also use saw and normal drill, but you need very tiny drills 0.8-3.2 mm. 
-rechargeable flash light with xenon or krypton bulb 
- Lindt easter egg or similar product with steel shell
- pack of condoms (not necesary, but the result is so romantic that girls falling to bed amazed by this lamp and now i am father, just because I haven't all tools on that picture)

If you do it for children, just ignore last item.
<p>Very pretty.</p>
sweet, very sweet... kiss! <br>
Uzasna kokotina, ktera by se mela stat doplnkem kazde spelunky. Doporucuje 1 ze sta astrologu. Diky ty kosmonaute.
nice one L. :)
Kua...nemas zadne zamestnani neboco, ze vymyslas takove picoviny....a nebo ses dal na domaci prace? co ti uletelo letadylko ze si nemas s cim hrat??? se z tebe poseru :-D ale napad je to SUPEEER!!! pristi rok si necham navrtat vajca i ja ;)<br><br>Rastino ;-)
Od ty doby co su otec Fura, tak hackuju saly, uz jsem hacknul dve a jsou v sekci knitting, vrtam si vajca a taky pecu dortiky. To bys mel znat ty dvojnasobnej tatuldo :)
This is absolutely charming, good idea.
Thanks AnnaZed, my doughter love to get sleep with that stars. Its slowly rotating, so sometimes i am scared if she isn't hypnotized. ;)
Great idea, thanks for sharing!
Thank you that you like it!&nbsp;
Looks like a maraca!!
A water balloon would make it a colored light.

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