Step 18: Secondary light sources - Installing

Drill a hole through every large star to the same diameter as the light pipes. (Don't forget to go through the fabric as well) Place each of the LED/pipe assemblies into the holes.

For your array layout (in my case, 12 chains of 9), plan the best way to wire up your chains. Then, carefully solder each LED in a chain together, from the shorter negative lead of the previous LED to the longer positive lead of the next. At the ends of each chain, there should be a clearly indicated red (positive) and black (negative) end, and ideally have some sort of keyed connector back to the junction board to make life easier.

At this stage, you should test your LED chains to make sure all the LEDs work, and are connected the right way around. *cough* Ease of access is one reason it is better to wire in the secondary light sources before you put the optical fibers through. The other reason is that optic fibers are made of thin filaments of plastic, and tend to melt right through at the slightest touch from a soldering iron, so keep them well apart from one another.

Once everything is working, apply some wood glue around the outside of each LED assembly to keep them in place, and make the connections neat
Damios4 years ago
How did you power the 3W LED spotlight?

Did you use a driver such as this: http://cgi.ebay.com/3w-LED-Driver-MBI6651-based-Luxeon-White-Green-Blue-/350484311200?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item519a7e2ca0#ht_4244wt_957

Or create something yourself?
MrTrick (author)  Damios4 years ago
The 3W LED spotlight I used ( http://www.dealextreme.com/p/gu10-3w-cree-q5-wc-180-lumen-white-led-light-bulb-85v-265v-ac-15070 ) simply runs off AC mains voltages, and has the driver inbuilt.
Damios MrTrick4 years ago
Sorry for the twenty questions, but what did you connect the bulb to power it then? In terms of "AC mains voltages" do you mean simply plugging it into the wall at 120v? I can't really make out what you did for that part from the pictures, sorry.
Damios Damios4 years ago
Nvm I think I figured it out from your picture on the other page. So main volatges as in 120v or 240v for the 3W bulb, connected to the 30v power supply for the LEDs.

I saw you ran it off 240VAC, anything I should change if I'm gonna be running mine off 120VAC?
MrTrick (author)  Damios4 years ago
Just depends on the bulb - my one was 80V - 265V.
Suggest you buy the appropriate socket at the same time, I had a hard time finding a GU10 socket around my area.
Damios MrTrick4 years ago
For sure sounds good, thanks for the information!