Star-Nosed Mole


Introduction: Star-Nosed Mole

After years of using other people's designs, I have recently started making my own crochet animals or amigurumi. It's a trial and error process. Crochet, rip out, repeat as needed until I like the results. I tend toward the offbeat - no cuddly bunnies for me. Here is my star-nosed mole. He took about a week to design. I especially like how his nose and feet turned out.



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    I love this mole, fantastic work. I can only do circles and squares with crochet, so no moley for me just yet :)

    sooooo.....CUTE!!! \
    Yes, i have a strange sense of cute.

    He's great!  I can't wait to show this to my daughter, she has a thing for star-nosed moles! 

     looks much better than a real one
    good job

    You made something naturally borderline-attractive look cute, lovely job.


    Great design, it looks really cute!