Step 5: You're Done! Rock Out!

Now you're done! Go plug everything in and test it out, and let me know if you like this modification! For more information about the whole project, visit www.OpenChord.org.
where did u buy that gutiar? its so kawai!!!!!! i just love the rising sun motif and the pink and white color combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i can afford to buy an electric guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss playing guitar for real but im stuck just playing GH :(
realluy sorry, but thats not a guitar hero controller, thats a guitar....
it's a hack that made his guitar into a guitar hero controller.
what i dont understand is why you would waste your guitar like that, unless it was broken. i mean video games are cool and that, but, as someone once said, <strong>real</strong> guitar heros play <strong>real</strong> guitars
unless the process of turning the guitar into a controller doesnt wreck the guitar, in which case it is actually really awesome and you can ignore my previous comment
Great idea!&nbsp; I'd love to have a pedal instead of waving around.&nbsp; Could you provide a little more instruction about what the mechanical switch inside the guitar looks like and where to find it?&nbsp;<br />
This instructable is very poorly executed. Just a bunch of busy photographs
Um, this comment doesn't really help me very much. Is there something I could do to make the instructable more clear? Is there somewhere that needs more detailed instructions? Are the photographs confusing? I'm just not sure I know why you feel that this is a very poor quality instructable.

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