Star Rug





Introduction: Star Rug

I was inspired by the original Lion Brand "Desert Star Rug" when I decided to crochet my own. It was made of different yarn thread quality - cotton, wool and acrylic. Its dimensions are 84cm x 120cm (approximately 33in x 47in).

It is worked in 5 stages.
1 - make two green-white stars in a dark-blue circle and join them together.
2 - make two pale-pink stars and attach them by sewing onto the green-white ones as shown in pictures.
3 - make two small dark-red roses and attach them in the middle of each pale-pink star.
4 - work around the two dark-blue circles with white yarn, making sure you get an oval shape (decrease in corners).
5 - work across (not in circles) changing colors as shown in the photo, combining double crochet, half-double crochet and single crochet stitches in order to increase the outer border of the rug.

In the same way you can make a cushion to match the rug.
Happy crocheting!



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    Oh dear, I seemed to have put my foot in it! I was not trying to be mean. As stinkymum hopes I do love the inside of oil pumps and think that machinery in general gives rise to many beautiful patterns that could be more represented alongside the usual natural themes (flowers, animats, etc.) usually found in clothing and furnishings. Pete

    Sorry Peter I thought your comment sounded mean also. However apparently like myself you just saw the very close resemblance to a gear type pump. As you I to find mechanical things very beautiful in their own right. Steve

    Hi Pete, You really shouldn't worry about your comment. At first it did seem a little rude, but then I thought exactly what Stinkymum said - that you're probably very much into cars, so now I take it as a compliment. Sadly, I have no idea what the inside of a car looks like, especially an oil pump, so that's why I was extremely surprised. I thought that if I see the rug as a flower or a star, so does everybody else. That's all. :-) Thanks for being thoughtful. Cheers!

    At the risk of being a little anorakky, the design on your rug looks like the inside of an oil pump from a car. Pete

    I don't quite see why you had the urge to put a comment after all, but ok. ;-)

    Hi there. I am a guy who crochets some. Mostly I start the pattern because I can read patterns and my wife can't then she finishes it. Any way. I think Peters comment was meant to be mean. that being said. I love the looks of the rug and yes it does look very much like the inside of an gear based oil pump. Which I think in there own way are a splendid work of mechanical art. Congratulations on you fine rug

    Hello crochet friend! Thank you very much for the support and nice words. Now I definitely want to see the inside of a car, and finally find out what oil pumps look like! :-) Who would've thought that a woman's brain could create such manly work of art! :-))) All the best to you and your wife! Helen

    Wow! It's amazing! It really looks like an oil pump! I was going to ask my Dad to show me the inside of his car, but maybe it wouldn't be easy to see it, so thanks very much. I made a joke, and, yet, you sent me the pictures. That's very nice of you :-)

    I am glad I could help. I have many many interests that I find tie together in most unusual way sometimes. Take Care Steve