Picture of Star Shaped Ribbons
Wanna learn How To Make professional looking star-shaped ribbons?

Watch the video or follow that Instructable

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Step 1: You need..

Picture of You need..
- ribbon roll(s)
- 4 pins
- a stapler

Step 2: Cut 12" of ribbon

Picture of cut 12
start cutting about 12" of ribbon

Step 3: Fix pins and ribbon

Picture of fix pins and ribbon
Dispose 3 pins as a triangle, then fix the ribbon using the 4th pin as shown. Remember to leave out 2-3" of ribbon.

Step 4: Spool the ribbon around the pins

Picture of spool the ribbon around the pins
Spool the ribbon around the pins.
Every pin must be wrapped 3 times.

Following the Image Notes, the order of wrapping is: 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3.

For a clarification of this step you can watch the video:

Step 5: Take out the ribbon

Picture of take out the ribbon
Take the outher pin and pierce the center.

remove the 3 pins, and take out the ribbon keeping the central pin.

Step 6: Pull apart the layers

Picture of pull apart the layers
pull apart the 3 layers of the angles, then rotate a bit the layers around the pin.

You can check this step in the video.

Step 7: Roll and pierce the end of the ribbon...DONE!

Roll and pierce the end of the ribbon (you can cut ribbon in excess at this time), then fix it using the stapler.

Remove the pin and.. BINGO! the ribbon is done =)

check the video for clarification about the steps:

Remember: you can make ribbons of every size and color just changing the ribbon roll.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable!
Happy Holidays from BlindSight (How2Make.It)
laaha3 years ago
as great as this instructable is, why in the world would you make these when you can buy them for 10cent a piece in every store?
Doganie laaha3 years ago
This way, you can make them any size you want and out of any kind of ribbon you want.
laaha Doganie3 years ago
you're right, I haven't thought of that! I'm gonna make a gigantic one in all the colors of the rainbow! :D
Kryptonite5 years ago
Great Instructable, wonderful video and crystal clear instructions. Deffinitely going to be used for my Christmas presents!
prynk_ray5 years ago
thanx for the tips... it was really a nice one
dobbylvr6 years ago
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
i loved the step by step well demonstrated instructions. Excellent ! keep it up.
loved the step by step instructions that u've written. thanks .
I've never seen this explained so well! Great job.
Wow, a real money saver Thanks for this
My mom will love this one...THANKS :D !!
nanayinya7 years ago
thank you for posting this. very helpful and clear instructions.
im a 12 yr. old kid. and im an art guy. creative. and SWEET!!! LOVED IT!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
anngel3697 years ago
love this! i won't have to buy bows anymore!!
bob314157 years ago
thats awesome! is that a metacafe jacket?