Wanna learn How To Make professional looking star-shaped ribbons?

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Step 1: You Need..

- ribbon roll(s)
- 4 pins
- a stapler
as great as this instructable is, why in the world would you make these when you can buy them for 10cent a piece in every store?
This way, you can make them any size you want and out of any kind of ribbon you want.
you're right, I haven't thought of that! I'm gonna make a gigantic one in all the colors of the rainbow! :D
Great Instructable, wonderful video and crystal clear instructions. Deffinitely going to be used for my Christmas presents!<br />
thanx for the tips... it was really a nice one
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
i loved the step by step well demonstrated instructions. Excellent ! keep it up.
loved the step by step instructions that u've written. thanks .
I've never seen this explained so well! Great job.
Wow, a real money saver<sup></sup> Thanks for this<sup></sup><br/>
My mom will love this one...THANKS :D !!
thank you for posting this. very helpful and clear instructions.
im a 12 yr. old kid. and im an art guy. creative. and SWEET!!! LOVED IT!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
love this! i won't have to buy bows anymore!!
thats awesome! is that a metacafe jacket?

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