For halloween I want to be the red guy on the away mission, lol. It's sad cause I don't think a lot of people will get that joke.  Anyways as part of the costume I need a starfleet badge.  As I am a student my budget for this is zero.  So i had to improvise. 

Step 1: Materials


-Glue Stick
-Aluminum Foil
-Card paper (I used business cards)
-badge template

There are a few different kinds of badges. &nbsp;I made a template with a few different kinds http://sites.google.com/site/nolanfinn/Startrek_Badges.pdf .&nbsp; I hope this it helpful to someone.<br />
Badges?! We don't need no stinking BADGES!<br />
I love that show :P Weird Al rocks
<p>love weird al!</p>
Great templates.
This was exactly what I&nbsp;was looking for - thank you so much!&nbsp;<br />
<p>this is made of foil!?!?!?!?! mind blown! it looks super professional, and solid metal! great job! </p>
<p>I tried to make a different version, i.e the science insignia from the reboots. I kinda messed it up, but the result isn't that bad and with a bit of practice I'll manage to make a correct one !</p>
what's the joke? <br>i made it in 10 mins and it looks epic!!!<br>uber cool 'ible :')))
<p>If you are wearing a red shirt,don't count on a recurring role...lol</p>
Red guys frequently get wasted on missions?
<p>This is a nice new movie badge as the TOS badges were fabric. However, the logo isn't quite right. It should be a spiral. The logo here goes on the yellow shirt. However, the badge looks very nice and it would probably be hard to tell. I had to look it up when I made my red shirt and mine has other problems. Nice job.</p>
<p>Easy to do and the render is beautifull! The link for the template is broken =(</p>
<p>That's great, good details and great idea!</p>
I also can't download the template, the same problem as SuperScourge : <br>403 Forbidden <br>Request forbidden by administrative rules.
We make redshirt jokes all the time at our house. <br> <br>Nice instructable - I;ve got it bookmarked for when I finally do a Star Trek themed Halloween costumes (the cats will all be tribbles)
I get the joke!
I cannot download the Template because of a 403 error it says <br> <br>403 Forbidden <br> <br>Request forbidden by administrative rules.
Now modify a Bluetooth headset to clip to your shirt with the comm badge covering it.
I seem to recall a little keyring flashlight resemblign this....
nice pin it looks really authentic and i get the joke<br />
The ironic thing is that, that night I hurt my hand.<br />
Heh heh, I'd have worn blue. (Not one to tempt fate :) (Hope your hand's ok, BTW) Aluminum foil and cardboard is AWEsome- especially with Star Trek!!!
I GOT THE JOKE!!!! Very cool!!!
This looks awesome! And it is so simple! Thanks for the Instructable!
But Scotty always wore red and he never died.<br /> <br /> Cool Job.<br />
Scotty did die. He died in the episode &quot;The Changeling&quot; of the original series. It's just that he got better.
Scotty was killed by a space probe called<em> Nomad</em>, but the probe returned him to life.<br>
how ironic
He was verrrrry lucky.
But he never went on any missions :P he had experience as an expendable
That's true... :P Wait, how can you have experience as an expendable? You would practice &quot;expending&quot; and die... hahaha :)
Grossssso! Hasta ahora el badge (de bajo costo) con mejor terminaci&oacute;n que veo en la net.
I'm so disappointed I don't get the joke. Great badge! My first one came out amazing, a little rough on the edges. Really good instructions.
ThinkGeek.com has a shirt and its redlike taht and it says expendable on it :) awesome
5* for the awesome joke dude :D
You are going to die my friend...
&nbsp;red guy on an away mission... you're going to die =P
Yes I'm aware of that.&nbsp; That's what makes this costume funny and the reason I want to be the guy in the red shirt as opposed to kirk, sulu, or spock.<br />
Capt Picard wore red on TNG.
TNG onward used Red as command, 1701 era, however, had Red as security.
I also considered the idea of creating burn marks or scars with blood on my face, lol.<br />
&nbsp;nice... haha.
I get the joke!! By the way, 5* and now your average is 5*.
Haha lol, the red guy- who always dies lol!
I think this instructable has one of the highest ratings I've ever seen. Nice job!
Oh poor you and your red shirt. Hope there are no killer plants or clouds.
Ran across this I'ble in the &quot;related&quot;&nbsp;list.&nbsp; Most excellent, and a pretty good look to the final badge!&nbsp; Somebody somewhere really needs to build one of these with Bluetooth and a speaker/mic embedded.<br />

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