For halloween I want to be the red guy on the away mission, lol. It's sad cause I don't think a lot of people will get that joke.  Anyways as part of the costume I need a starfleet badge.  As I am a student my budget for this is zero.  So i had to improvise. 

Step 1: Materials


-Glue Stick
-Aluminum Foil
-Card paper (I used business cards)
-badge template

There are a few different kinds of badges. &nbsp;I made a template with a few different kinds http://sites.google.com/site/nolanfinn/Startrek_Badges.pdf .&nbsp; I hope this it helpful to someone.<br />
Badges?! We don't need no stinking BADGES!<br />
I love that show :P Weird Al rocks
<p>love weird al!</p>
Great templates.
This was exactly what I&nbsp;was looking for - thank you so much!&nbsp;<br />
<p>this is made of foil!?!?!?!?! mind blown! it looks super professional, and solid metal! great job! </p>
<p>I tried to make a different version, i.e the science insignia from the reboots. I kinda messed it up, but the result isn't that bad and with a bit of practice I'll manage to make a correct one !</p>
what's the joke? <br>i made it in 10 mins and it looks epic!!!<br>uber cool 'ible :')))
<p>If you are wearing a red shirt,don't count on a recurring role...lol</p>
Red guys frequently get wasted on missions?
<p>This is a nice new movie badge as the TOS badges were fabric. However, the logo isn't quite right. It should be a spiral. The logo here goes on the yellow shirt. However, the badge looks very nice and it would probably be hard to tell. I had to look it up when I made my red shirt and mine has other problems. Nice job.</p>
<p>Easy to do and the render is beautifull! The link for the template is broken =(</p>
<p>That's great, good details and great idea!</p>
I also can't download the template, the same problem as SuperScourge : <br>403 Forbidden <br>Request forbidden by administrative rules.
We make redshirt jokes all the time at our house. <br> <br>Nice instructable - I;ve got it bookmarked for when I finally do a Star Trek themed Halloween costumes (the cats will all be tribbles)
I get the joke!
I cannot download the Template because of a 403 error it says <br> <br>403 Forbidden <br> <br>Request forbidden by administrative rules.
Now modify a Bluetooth headset to clip to your shirt with the comm badge covering it.
I seem to recall a little keyring flashlight resemblign this....
nice pin it looks really authentic and i get the joke<br />
The ironic thing is that, that night I hurt my hand.<br />
Heh heh, I'd have worn blue. (Not one to tempt fate :) (Hope your hand's ok, BTW) Aluminum foil and cardboard is AWEsome- especially with Star Trek!!!
I GOT THE JOKE!!!! Very cool!!!
This looks awesome! And it is so simple! Thanks for the Instructable!
But Scotty always wore red and he never died.<br /> <br /> Cool Job.<br />
Scotty did die. He died in the episode &quot;The Changeling&quot; of the original series. It's just that he got better.
Scotty was killed by a space probe called<em> Nomad</em>, but the probe returned him to life.<br>
how ironic
He was verrrrry lucky.
But he never went on any missions :P he had experience as an expendable
That's true... :P Wait, how can you have experience as an expendable? You would practice &quot;expending&quot; and die... hahaha :)
Grossssso! Hasta ahora el badge (de bajo costo) con mejor terminaci&oacute;n que veo en la net.
I'm so disappointed I don't get the joke. Great badge! My first one came out amazing, a little rough on the edges. Really good instructions.
ThinkGeek.com has a shirt and its redlike taht and it says expendable on it :) awesome
5* for the awesome joke dude :D
You are going to die my friend...
&nbsp;red guy on an away mission... you're going to die =P
Yes I'm aware of that.&nbsp; That's what makes this costume funny and the reason I want to be the guy in the red shirt as opposed to kirk, sulu, or spock.<br />
Capt Picard wore red on TNG.
TNG onward used Red as command, 1701 era, however, had Red as security.
I also considered the idea of creating burn marks or scars with blood on my face, lol.<br />
&nbsp;nice... haha.
I get the joke!! By the way, 5* and now your average is 5*.
Haha lol, the red guy- who always dies lol!
I think this instructable has one of the highest ratings I've ever seen. Nice job!

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