Introduction: Star Trek Cross Stitch: the Original Series Crew

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Cross stitch pattern (in excel and picture form) for select crew from Star Trek.

Step 1:

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Aida 14 count cloth (pattern written for a 5x7” frame)

Colors (standard floss color number given)


Pants/shoes/collar - black

Insignia/wrist decoration - E3821 (sparkly gold, could substitute 783)

Red shirts - 817

Yellow shirts - 728

Blue shirts - 518


Skin - 945

Hair - black


Skin - 945

Hair - 898


Skin - 945

Hair - 3862


Skin - 945

Hair - black


Skin - 938

Earring - E3821

Tights - 317


Skin - 437

Hair - black


Konstantin Dimitrov (author)2015-05-28

Interesting instructable, nicely done. - "Live long and prosper"

vargasmas (author)2015-05-27

Can we download the Excel file from somewhere?

hatstand4510 (author)vargasmas2015-05-27

It should appear at the bottom of the instructable page as ST TOS.xlsx

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