I love "Star Trek: Enterprise", so I've crocheted the ship (twice, one for me and one for my best friend) and all the main characters (plus Spot, the cat from The Next Generation). I've done Porthos too, but he's not here beacuse I'm a cat and so I don't love dogs.... I gave it to my best friend.

Here you can see the real actors:

What you'll need:

wool (very little) in various colours (pink, brown, blu, red, light blue, light brown....)
crochet 4 mm
yarn needle
a knit needle (4 mm or 5 mm) for Phlox' Hair

I know I can't win in the Amigurumi contest because I live in Italy, but I want to enter just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.

Step 1: Basic Shape: Feet and Legs

They all are made in a similar way.
I've used wool in the needed colours.

sc = single crochet
inc = incresing single crochet
dec = decresing single crochet

Feet (make 2)
whit black
In a magic ring:
5 sc (5)
5 inc (10)
*1 inc 1 sc** 5 time (15)
15 sc (15) for 4 rounds
*1dec 1 sc** 5 times (10)
stuff the foot
5 dec (5)
Fasten off and sew the hole.

Legs (make 2)
with blue (or red/fuxia/light blue/gray.... for T'Pol; white for Phlox)
10 ch
join with a slip stitch
10 sc for 8 rounds.
Sew to the feet.
Stuff legs.
Very cute /)*c*(\
I see a cat ready to pounce on the unfamiliar crewman in the red shirt. Aaagh!

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