Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise





Introduction: Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise

The Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise is a gingerbread replica of the Enterprise D. Green splotches indicate that Borgs have taken over and are destroying things with lasers. O my!



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    Yummy yummy yummy, I got Spock in my tummy ... and I haven't eaten anything all day!


    Live Long & Gingerly!

    *CHOMP* *CHOMP* "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." *CHOMP* *CHOMP* *Eats*

    I agree, it looks really kewl, but the ideal reason for an Instructable is to give details that enable others to duplicate your success...

    That said, I'll put my 2 cents worth of begging in... that looks awesome. Please let us know how you accomplished it. 

    And I'm with Tabby!     ".... with mint frosting!" lol

      I gotta say... that looks absolutely disgusting. Lol. However... that's pretty nerdy and I love it. You should post directions so I can make it for my boyfriend. :D

     oh my- thats  really cool,can you post how you made it? and yea did it taste good? i should hope so.

    Oh my- That looks like a lot of work-I hope I can make on for my dad-who is a lifelong Star Trek fan....

    Oh my, indeed!  This is awesome. ;)

    ps - You need a shot with your username in the picture.

    Yeah; can't just draw your name in with paint :D