Star Trek II ( The Wrath Of Khan ) Phaser Modifictaion

Picture of Star Trek II ( The Wrath Of Khan ) Phaser Modifictaion
I wanted to add a laser to this replica, so I put in a laser housing.

The laser module is a 5mw 650nm - www.aixiz.net
We purchased our phaser from shop.com and received some
cash back too. I believe we found it for $34.99 with a dollar
something cash back savings, a good price.

You can sign up for a free shop.com account and when you
purchase you get cash back from alot of different stores. Check
out the stores link and see the cash back savings. I buy alot of my replicas and electronic
gadgets through this site.

I wanted to use the existing switch on the phaser so all i added
was a 3volt battery pack and laser housing with some modifications
to the insides.

The laser housing can be replaced with up too a 200mw or so
which is capable of popping balloons but i wanted to keep it
safe, just in case one of the grand kids got hold of it.

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Step 1:

Picture of
Disassemble unit ( both parts ), the main phaser and the
removable one.

Step 2:

Picture of
You will find 4 lights on a small circuit board inside
the handheld unit.

Before cutting look at the traces to see how the two
outside lights are connected to each other, because
you will have to solder a wire between them after
you cut the two inside lights out, this is for power for
the left light.

Just make sure the original wires for the
two outside lights are still attached. The wires for
the two inside lights do not need to be connected.

Step 3:

Picture of
This is what the two lights look like after they are
hot glued in place with the laser between them.