I wanted to add a laser to this replica, so I put in a laser housing.

The laser module is a 5mw 650nm - www.aixiz.net
We purchased our phaser from shop.com and received some
cash back too. I believe we found it for $34.99 with a dollar
something cash back savings, a good price.

You can sign up for a free shop.com account and when you
purchase you get cash back from alot of different stores. Check
out the stores link and see the cash back savings. I buy alot of my replicas and electronic
gadgets through this site.

I wanted to use the existing switch on the phaser so all i added
was a 3volt battery pack and laser housing with some modifications
to the insides.

The laser housing can be replaced with up too a 200mw or so
which is capable of popping balloons but i wanted to keep it
safe, just in case one of the grand kids got hold of it.

Step 1:

Disassemble unit ( both parts ), the main phaser and the
removable one.

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