In this instructable, I will show you how to knit a Star Trek kindle cover. 

Let's begin with supplies and materials.

Supplies: Materials:
Please note that these are just the exact supplies that I used.  Please feel free to use any yarn you like and just customize to the size of your Kindle or other device.

Also, I made this isntructable with a standard Kindle in mind.  If your device is larger or smaller, you will need to make adjustments as necessary. 

Step 1: Cast on and Knit Up

I knit this cover as if I were doing toe-up socks, using Judy's Magic Cast On (fantastic method in case you are not familiar with it)
  • Cast on 20 stitches (20 stitches on each needle)
  • Begin working in the round, one knit stitch in each stitch around
  • Continue until the case covers all but about 1" of the Kindle.
Cute Kindle cover! I am glad you didn't use red yarn because then it may be killed on the next 'away mission' .
Awesome! Another fun project and new technique to try out :)
Also, going to enter this in the Sci Fi Contest?

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