This star trek t-shirt has the classic command insignia, containing the full wonder of space: the final frontier.

-Black cotton t-shirt
-empty spray bottle
-grocery bags
-masking tape
-paper stencil
-acrylic paints (nonwashable)

Step 1: Stencil

Print out the image (size it to how you want), and cut it out. Trace the edges onto masking tape, and put the tape on your shirt. Once you've done that, cover the rest in grocery bags by cutting them open and taping them to the edge  of your stencil.

*N.B.: the freezer paper method would probably work as well. I don't know hoe well the edges would hold up though.
The end result is striking. I think the magic is in how you painted the cosmos part. Looks good
Very nice! I love the colors on this.

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