Picture of Star Trek TOS  phaser cane
My Dad is an aging Trekie so for Christmas I wanted to give him a present he would use.  I decided to make him a cane that he would really appreciate.  So I designed a cane after the type 2 phaser from Star Trek TOS.  Here is the steps I took to build it.
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Step 1: What you will Need

To build this cane I searched for a template and found a picture that had the right angle I was looking for.
After that I used a piece of 1"x10"x4' piece of premium pine for the handle of the cane/phaser.
I then went to Radio Shack and purchased a button switch, a battery holder, a Blue 10mm LED, and some batteries.  I used CR2032 batteries. 
   Wood 1x10x4
   Masking Tape
   10 mm LED
   Wire I used 20 gauge wire
   Battery Holder
   Acrylic Rod I used 5/8 inch, I would recommend 3/4 inch.  I bought from tap-plastics.
  Spray paint
  Epoxy or cement  I used Duco Cement

   Soldering Iron
   Band saw or Jig Saw
   C Clamps
  Sand Paper
   Drill with bits
  Bench Top Vise
  Carving tools
  Belt sander/table sander

Step 2: Template

Picture of Template
For the Template I found a picture on-line and enlarged it to a size I found would be the best fit for a cane handle for my father.  I printed it out and then covered the picture in clear masking tape.  I then used an exacto knife to cut out the out line for the type 2 phaser.  I then used the template to out line what I needed to cut on the wood.

Step 3: Cutting the woodty

After you have your outline drawn out use your band saw or jig saw to cut out the pieces.  After I had the 2 main pieces I put them together and measured out what I would need for the Type 1 phaser (which will double as the battery cover) and the rear fins.  I cut out these pieces as well.  After I cut out the pieces I used a belt sander/ table sander to make them even and shape the handle, type 1 phaser and rear fins.
oldmicah1 year ago
Nicely done!
That's awesome. Hope your dad likes it as much as the 'ible community will!