Only a 21st century laser was used in the making of this shirt.  Take ordinary laser pointers to bling out your custom Star Trek shirt. Outfit phasers on your Constitution Class wardrobe. Try out the command chair in style.

Note that this is a red shirt.  Only the cool people wear red shirts.

WARNING: Extreme geekiness bordering on the edge of the universe.  You could take an eye out with that thing.  Not a toy.  Use only in controlled geek conditions. Learn how to solder and use all kinds of irons safely.

Firing the lazzors...

I sprayed some air freshener to mist the air so the laser beam would show.  I need to wait for Halloween when they dump the fog machines.

Finished shirt. 
Note:  Sound effects added in post production.  
Use an arduino or sound chips to get desired effect.  Build slated for the next generation of this shirt.

Step 1: Find Dilithium Crystals...

No, you don't need to find Dilithium.  Trouble does go looking for Lithium Rain though, most illogical.

For this you will need to create the dual laser module with white LED saucer lights.

I salvaged the parts from two small laser pointers that I found at the dollar store.  They are a combination LED flashlight and red laser pointer.

For the shirt, I found a shirt at the outlet mall that was pretrimmed with black in the neck and sleeves.  It fit the look of The Original Series Star Trek uniform.  You can always add the collar trim and sleeve braid to a solid color shirt of your choosing.

You will need an inkjet printer to print out the ship and the starfleet crew badge.  Print out on dark iron on transfer paper and iron it on to the shirt.

You will need a piece of iron on fusible interfacing to reinforce the area where the laser module is attached to the shirt.

Other materials and skills needed are the tools to do soldering and some essential tools for electronics work.
Love the shirt, but why a red shirt? Don't you remember that the redshirts are always killed?
oh, really?
In the origional Star Trek series (with Shatner, Nimoy, etc.) red shirts were worn by two groups: The first is anyone in Engineering (Scotty); Second, and more markedly, were characters that were going to be killed in the first 10 minutes. Hence, Cat Trampoline's comment as well.
haha, in the original interwebs, &quot;O RLY&quot;(oh really) is an internet meme or fad for replying in a facetious or incredulous manner in a sarcastic way. I chose the red shirt fully aware of its implications and thus incorporated it into one of my many <strike>Kirky </strike>quirky ibles(short for instructables). Welcome to ibles!
Oh no! Not an unknown crew member in a red shirt! She's DOOMED! <br> <br>Now you need the ultimate accessory: A tribble purse. <br> <br>(listens intently for either space monster music or space babe music) <br> <br>
Dangit Jim! I'm an ibler not a pret a porter couture accessory maker....wait
Now I have to put Tribble Purse on my crafts to-do list, but since I mentioned it here 100 other people will make one first. Aaugghh! <br> <br>Maybe I can sell them at the next SciFiCon and make a million bucks, er strips of latinum.
if you knit, there's this <a href="http://froginstitches.blogspot.com/2009/08/tribble.html" rel="nofollow">http://froginstitches.blogspot.com/2009/08/tribble.html</a>
I'm a doctor Jim, not a seamstress! Er, actually an almost-unemployed lab assistant. <br> <br>Thanks, I think it is actually crochet, but I can do both as long as the cats don't help. This is one project that it wouldn't even matter if there were cat hairs and snaggy bits in the finished product. <br> <br>Plush fur should work for a sewn bag, too. <br> <br>Now I have to dress myself and the dog as Trekkers for handing out Halloween candy. Or throw on an orange shirt at the last minute like usual. <br> <br>Perhaps a knitted balaclava that looks like an alien or Klingon? I could get creative with just a few changes to this basic pattern: <br>http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/snow-fooling-ski-mask <br> <br>
Qapla', Today is a good day to knit.
LOL! <br> <br>Do you suppose gummy worms would be an acceptable substitute for Gagh?
You'd better put up the ible fast, enter the Halloween contest later. Also, find something for Romulan ale.
Make it make it make it!
Very sweet. You did a great job! I love it!!!
This is awesome. :) <br /> <br />Though second on the red shirt issue! Caitlin is doomed!
What size does Corvidae take? She needs one too.

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