My husband loves Stormtroopers, so I had to tie a love of his into our wedding.  Well, we also came into the reception with the Imperial March playing - so he got that, too.  ;)  

Anyways!  This is a very affordable way to make your own boutonnieres and a way to make them COOL.

What you will need: 

boutonniere pins (buy anywhere online)
Star Wars plastic rings from a cake shop
real flowers or fake
(our flowers were from Michaels)
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Ordering the Parts.

Make sure that you order your boutonniere vases/pins a few weeks ahead of time, you never know what will happen with the shipping.  If you can't find the Star Wars rings at your local cake shop, try finding them online, they are out there and they are a lot cheaper than I expected.  I got mine in a Darth Vader + Trooper pack for 50 cents.  Amazing. 

Buy the amount according to who will be wearing what.  Here is what my plan was :

Fathers were to have Darth Vader boutonnieres, and my husband and his groomsmen were to have Stormtroopers.  When everything was said and done - my organization was on a different floor of the hotel and I had to be doing other things.  I was sad to see that everything got mixed up and my husband ended up with Darth Vader and it blended into his suit too much.  :(

Oh well! :)

Now, you can choose to get real flowers the day before, or the day of, and put them into the boutonnieres with a type of floral tape and or putty.  Or you can go the easy way, because no one will be sniffing the groomsmen to see if their flowers are real...buy them fake!  I picked out the color of flower that I wanted and I chose a cool leafy branch thing that would give them contrast.  
As a 501st Legion member, I fully approve this instructable! :D
Glad you like it Rip. I've not had it out of its container for quite some time. I need to do some repair as some rebel scum punched a whole in a seam.
is there an Ewok legion? hahahahahah i heart wicket.
They're lunch. <br>
Yes, that would be the Rebel Legion.
LOL thank you :D
You are ever so creative
Awesome! My fiancee is in the 501st, so I will definitely be making some of these for him and his buddies. We're doing a traditional church wedding, but these seem like a nice subtle (and fun!) way to show our geek pride. ^_^ <br><br>May the Force be with you!
You are so right -- it must have been a &quot;win-win&quot;. May the Force be with you... <br> <br>Give us more...
Awesome job, kristylynn84! My wife and I are both huge Star Wars fans (we actually met because of our membership in the 501st), and had a Star Wars themed reception - nothing too fancy, just SW tabletoppers we made and action figures as the cake toppers - hers was a snowtrooper and mine Darth Vader, for our main costumes, as well as Jawas for the kids and 501st-clone &quot;escorts&quot;. Wish we'd thought of this for our wedding!
Awesome project! The fact that you entered your wedding Reception to the imperial March is excellent! <br>I use that as my wifes [Mrs Vaders] ring tone on my Blackberry. <br>Way cool!
The Emperor would be pleased. If he hasn't all ready and you are ready for the next step in his Star Wars Mania, I invite you to visit the 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers. Lucas's favored Imperial Costumers. Visit us at www.501st.com
Hey Targ! Did not know you were on here! :D - TC-9296
Oh I love this place. The brain power here could eliminate our oil addiction in no time.
i think i've seen you guys at comic con. :) and i used to work with this guy - http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=10256&amp;costumeID=12
Yes, the SoCal Garrison troopers are in number at Comic Con.
I have now seen it all. :D
you should so plan weddings! all your wedding themed 'ibles are great!
Great idea and great presentation -- keep 'em coming!
Let that talent flow! Sweet!

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