Picture of Star Wars Cake (Mustafar)
In a town far, far away. A dad decided to make a Star Wars cake for his son's birthday.

Step 1: Bake the cake, and make rice crispy treats

Picture of Bake the cake, and make rice crispy treats

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ok, I feel a little silly asking this as I was looking through the comments as no one else asked that I could see so it's obviously an obvious answer. I get that you melted chocolate, but what type of chocolate did you use? Btw, thank you for taking the time to post this tutorial :)

CementTruck (author)  rachael.harger6 months ago

That's funny. I could have sworn that info was in there somewhere but after a quick search I see that it isn't. I think it was just the regular melting chocolate that look like discs, but any melting chocolate that hardens back up when cool will do.


indywave2 years ago
I want one
SuzukiDHP2 years ago
awesome! I love Star Wars
nice suit vader ....*puts on sun glasses*...... must have cost u an arm and a leg
I'm pretty sure the picture is what used to be a cake. But I'm just guessing here.
I went with a Lego Ninjago theme, but same cake. Thanks for the instructions!! it was a big hit.
Loved this idea. I used it for a Lego Ninjago design. My son wanted a Lego cake, and I saw this and thought it'd be perfect.
I am going to try to make this cake, so I am not sure if I am happy you posted it very ticked bc I did not read the instructions before today, and I am making the cake for my son's b-day!!! I am not creative, but he fell in love with the idea, wish me luck!
CementTruck (author)  michellepunkin4 years ago
You'll do fine! Besides this site is all about inspiration. There is no need to duplicate, or try to duplicate, someone's efforts 100%. Just do it and have fun with it.

Check out all the other images and comments below from others who have opted to make this cake. Every one of them is unique, and they all came out great....as will yours.

Megs19775 years ago
Here's mine. I love this cake, thanks a bunch!!
CementTruck (author)  Megs19775 years ago
Awesome! It's so cool that this instructable has had some longevity.
Star Wars will never cease to be cool.
Megs19775 years ago
I would just like to say, you need a lot of chocolate for this step. Or I did it wrong :)
CementTruck (author)  Megs19775 years ago
Do or do not....there is no "wrong"! - Yoda ;) The Rice Crispy hill is coated in the melted chocolate, so there really isn't that much there. The rest of the cake (if I remember right) only had 1/4" thick chocolate layer. meh - who doesn't like chocolate? Right? Enjoy!
I ended up using 4 7oz tubs of the chocolate. But I made a double cake. Man my kids loved it. What an awesome cake. And, I couldn't find a R2D2 so Yoda was on the ramekin :)
mrninja5 years ago
What happened to the ca..........Noooooooooooooooo!!! =P
gattirenata5 years ago
OMG!!! this is so super duper awesome!!! you are a super dad in my book!!!
slee26 years ago
I am going to make your cake for my grandson, can't thank you enough for sharing this. I need the lights you used, I will go to Walmart cake section for them. What do I ask for? Are they used just for cakes or for other decorating idea. I think that was such a great idea you had. Thanks again, Grandma Sandy
CementTruck (author)  slee26 years ago
Try checking the area of Walmart where they have all the champagne glasses and cake cutters (wedding cake stuff). These lights come in packages of two and are meant to be attached to the stems of champagne goblets. If you can't find them you can also try http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/
Thanks so much for both suggestions! Interesting site and so if I can't find them perhaps my son wil help me make some. Again, thanks for sharing and taking the time to reply.
paulzak176 years ago
did you melt the chocolate over the stove or in the microwave or does it really matter which way you do it?
hlchristy6 years ago
Okay, I think I figured out how to post to this site. The first photo is of my R2D2s. I'm going to post my own instructable for those. The second is of my cake before I put on the guys and platforms. The third picture is a close-up the guys and platforms. (I know the dry ice can be seen, which I would have corrected if I hadn't run out of time. I kept having trouble making the platforms. Finally, I figured out that if I slit with a knife the edges of the mold before pouring the almond bark, that I could remove the platforms without breaking them.) My advice: Make sure to put enough water in for the dry ice to work well. I used a Red Velvet cake mix for another layer of red. I used chocolate-covered pretzel sticks to hold up the platform. I also used a bit of gel icing to create another 'level' of lava. I didn't leave enough room at the edge of the volcano for Obi Wan to stand, so he had to go up to the really high ground (movie inaccuracy). Thanks again!
can you post the instructions for R2D2? My son wants Star Wars theme for his 7th birthday party next Saturday. Thank-you!
CementTruck (author)  hlchristy6 years ago
I like the gel icing idea to give the lava some dimension. Slitting the mold for the platforms before hand is also a good idea. Kudos.
Tasha Bush6 years ago
Hi are rice crispy treats same as kids breakfast cereal rice bubbles (australian) and how did you make it shaped like that (what did you mix it with). Thanks nat
bounty10126 years ago
XD you cant use the clone wars versions!!!
Trikster6 years ago
Had to give the Star Wars cake a try for my son's 7th Birthday! we had soo much fun putting it together! its almost a shame that tomorrow we will have to eat it!!
Braden's cake (3).JPGBraden's cake (6).JPG
hlchristy6 years ago
Here is the link for the R2D2s. I'll be putting up step-by-step photos soon.
hlchristy6 years ago
Third try for photos.
CementTruck (author)  hlchristy6 years ago
When you finally get your R2-D2 instructable posted make a link-back to this instructable so it gives other SW fans more ideas (cynergy) ;)
hlchristy6 years ago
Thank you so much for the idea. Although my version needed some work, (I had the wrong versions of the characters), the cake was a success. I also came up with an idea to make R2D2s from Twinkies and wafer cookies!
Jamburger6 years ago
criggo6 years ago
Thanks again for sharing! I was totally inspired and made one for my twins b-day party tomorrow. They just love Star Wars! I am SO NOT a creative person or baker so we'll see what the kids and parents have to say tomorrow. Anyway, I modified the approach a bit since I didn't have time to make rice krispie treats. I just used regular old Betty Crocker cake out of the box and made it a layer cake. I cut off the tops of ice cream cones to make volcanos. Also, I crushed some graham crackers to make a more lava-rocky texture. Finally for the floating lava pieces, I broke up pieces of Crunch chocolate bar. Here's my version.
God, I need to stay out of the food section, that cake looks delicious (as does the one in the instructable). I think crubmled chocolate sould work great for the dirt effect too... :)
Jamburger6 years ago
What is the material you have laid out there? You used to form rice krispy treats and cool chocolate on?
CementTruck (author)  Jamburger6 years ago
The material is called Silpat. It is fiberglass coated in high temp silicone, and is used as a cookie sheet, or baking sheet. It is non stick. You can just as easily use wax paper. I (my wife, actually) already own these, and I used the materials I had available to me.
grlegrl276 years ago
I'm planning on making this cake this weekend, but have a question: when frosting the rice crispies and extending it out, do you just cool the frosting in the fridge in order to get it to come out in pieces? Just need some clarity... Thanks!
CementTruck (author)  grlegrl276 years ago
You can do that to make it cool really quickly, but allowing it to cool at room temp is OK too. In fact, letting it cool at a slower rate allows you to smear the chocolate around a little longer until you get the crusty effects you want. If you make a mistake you can always snap the chocolate off the edge of the rice crispies, warm it back up in the microwave and try it again. It really is a very forgiving medium. Cheers.
georgia886 years ago
is this a 13" x 9" or a 15" x 10" cake??????
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