Step 4: Test fit the rice crispy hill on the cake.

Picture of Test fit the rice crispy hill on the cake.
My cake was a little small, so I had to slice it horizontally, and open it up like a book.

Test fit the pieces and trim to fit.

Remember where all the pieces went. Use a digital camera for this step.
nae88987 years ago
You did a wonderful job on this cake. I am just hoping that I can do a good job for my son's party this Saturday, June 28th. I was wondering what did you put on the sides of the cake? I have looked and read and then reread at least 100+ times and I am sorry to say that I am still unsure. I have marked this under my favorite list so that it doesn't take me as long to find the page. I would appreciate any and all help from you as well. Thanks and I am so hoping that I can make a decent cake instead of paying the high price to someone else. Thank you, Sonya nae8898@yahoo.com
CementTruck (author)  nae88987 years ago
"step 6 Make the sides, and added effects. I got the leftover chocolate and re-melted it in the microwave, I poured it over some non-stick surfaces (you can use waxpaper) into a large, flat, shape. Once cool, cut into strips the the height cake. cut the strips to match the jagged pices of land and use frosting to stick it to the cake. Melt more chocolate and "weld" the top and side pieces together. " I see what you mean. I was not very clear about what I did. Basically, make some chocolate pieces as wide as the cake is tall (approx 2"-3" wide). Break the pieces into strips matching the edges of the pieces of pieces of land. Heat the edges of the 2" pieces and attach these to the edge of some of the surface pieces at a 90deg angle to match the angle of the cake sides.Once they are cool, and the cake is frosted, carefully lay the newly formed corner pieces on top of the frosting, using the frosting to hold the pieces to the cake. I hope I described that well enough. Enjoy!
boalchm8 years ago
My son will be turning 4 this month and is obsessed with Star Wars. I was just going to order a cake from the bakery, but after seeing this one, I have to give it a try. You did an incredible job!! Thanks for the idea, I will have to let you know how it goes.
CementTruck (author)  boalchm8 years ago
More power to you. I've never liked the "generic" cakes that are bought at the store. I don't like the flavor, colors, narrow ideas. I like building things, and creating ediple "landscapes". I have my Mom to thank for that. I remember her making a jeep cake for my older brother once. She fashioned it after a large tonka toy, and it came out pretty good, if memory serves me right. Now that I'm a parent I would like my kids to remember their childhood fondly like I do. Just a little word of advice. Unless you want a runny mess, do not work in butter icing unless you plan on having the cake refrigerated until the candle blowing. Butter icing is my favorite bar none, and it even pipes well, but storage is a nightmare.