Star Wars Cantina Band Mask





Introduction: Star Wars Cantina Band Mask

In this instructable I am making a latex Bith mask from start to finish.

Step 1: Sculpting

I sculpted the mask over an Ed Head using Monster Clay.

Step 2: Molding

I molded the mask using burlap reinforced Ultracal-30.

Step 3: Casting

I casted the mask using RD 407 Mask Latex.

Step 4: Painting

I painted the mask with watered down latex mixed with airbrush paint.

Step 5: Full Video

The video below shows the entire process of making the mask, including Sculpting, Molding, Casting, and Painting.



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    Seriously great sculpting. Loved the time-lapse video.

    Hi there! I saw this and have been working to make a paper mache version of the mask so I was wondering what you used for the eyes on the finished mask. I can't seem to find anything that would still allow me to see through and still have that dome black eyes. Any advise?

    Also another huge question! What do the backs of their heads look like? I've never seen it ever...

    Sorry for replying so late.
    I actually wasn't able to find any reference photos of the back of the head. So for this mask, I just made it up. But... After I finished the mask, I found some pictures. So I remade the mask based on the better pictures.
    You can see what the back of the head should look like, towards the end of this video.

    For the eyes I used halfs of 60mm clear plastic Christmas ornaments. To make them Black, I used a sponge to stipple in a little bit of transparent black airbrush paint.