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Get creative with this tutorial. It is an alien drink, anything goes! You will be using Blender 3D Animation Software. It is a beginner tutorial but you should be able to navigate the basic tools in Blender.

Have fun and send me pictures of what you make!

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

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Step 5:

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Step 6:

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Step 7:

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Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11:

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morrisona2022 (author)2017-11-04

They're right. I can barely read that.

wilgubeast (author)2014-11-12

This would be much easier to follow if you used the images themselves rather than the images embedded in documents.

lime3D (author)wilgubeast2014-11-13

Agreed. Pull out the images, post them separately, then type the steps in each step.

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