Ever wanted to create and make the world of Star Wars come to life in your home, school, office and more?  Look no further than this fantastic guide to help you create your Star Wars favorites into fun projects to spice up your life!
Mini Sculpey Jedi Master Yoda style
Yoda: "To make your own mini sculpey Jedi master Yoda with this instructable you must learn.  Herh herh herh." Have you ever thought to yourself, if only I had a Yoda the size of a toothpick my life ...
Amigurumi Master Yoda style
So here’s my latest crochet project – a little master Yoda!  The majority of this little guy was constructed while watching Back to the Future: Part Two so the geek levels on this one are high ;) I ma...
Chewbacca Amigurumi style
Chewbacca stands at a little over 10 inches tall, was Crocheted using Lionbrand homespun in Barley, and was brushed to make his fur look real. Hooksize: Size H He was made as one piece, includi...
amigurumi Star Wars style
I made Captain Rex last year  for my nephew Ian he loves Star Wars games. I use photos from internet as reference, all crocheted in rounds;  mouth is embroiled with some yarn, eyes are 6mm black. I al...
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda style
I got a new book called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  It's a cool story - when a kid folds an origami Yoda, and sits it on his finger like puppet, it gives good advice. Even better, there are in...
oragami yoda style
This is not mine. I got it from this really good book, The strange case of Oragami yoda by Tom Angleberger. Isuggest reading it. But this isn't a book talk, so i'll just show you how to make it.
I LOVE building with snow! It is one of the most forgiving media I know and when it's just right you can build almost anything. On the other hand it can also be very tricky, If it's too cold nothing p...
Darth Vader Lego Mosaic style
Ever wanted to know how to convert a image into the pixelly joy we know as Lego? I present one method that's super easy and results in a pretty damn spiffy lego mosaic! EDIT(Jan 23, 2007): Recently t...
Star Wars Egg Ornaments style
Star Wars caricatures and a few sense i painted on eggs using acylic paint, i hope you enjoy them.
Star Wars Boutonnieres style
My husband loves Stormtroopers, so I had to tie a love of his into our wedding.  Well, we also came into the reception with the Imperial March playing - so he got that, too.  ;)   Anyways!  This is a...
Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed style
This is a loft bed I made for my son that resembles an AT-AT Imperial Walker. I searched the Internet and found scale models, cakes, legos, baby strollers and costumes resembling an AT-AT, but never ...
Star wars R2-D2 xbox 360 style
<br> Video here: Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 with projector  This is a one of a kind star wars r2d2 xbox 360 with projector and aux inputs. Custom built by me...... Mark...
X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies style
This instructable was strongly inspired by "Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies," so thank you instructables user bchafy! And if you make it, send me pictures!
Lego Star Wars Mural style
I wanted to share this project with the Instructables community as I'm really proud of the way it came out. Months ago it started with a concept drawing and since then has progressed to a completed pr...
X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car style
For the 2011 Nazareth Adult Soapbox Derb y I wanted to design a car that people would like and made me feel heroic. So I decided I would model it after one of the most important vehicles of our nation...
Star Wars miniatures wall decoration style
Show off your spaceship miniatures, or as a unique gift to a Star Wars fan. The idea is to show off your collection in the same was as a classic butterfly collection.
Build a Star Wars Boba Fett plywood wall plaque style
Allow me to preface... Being a long-time Superman fan, I was happy to find out that a great-nephew (4 years old) was also a fan.  With that, I decided to make him a a superman emblem to hang on his...
Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1 made from Floppy Disks! style
Unless you have been in a cave since 2006 or so, you have likely seen the various postings of instructions on how to make a small USS Enterprise from the metal bits of a 3-1/2 Inch Floppy Disk. If you...
Giant Lego Darth Vader style
This is a 22-inch tall Lego Darth Vader toy I made for my kids.  He is pose-able and all of the individual body pieces come apart just like a real Lego minifigure.
Plush Action Figures style
Make your own action figures! When I was about 11 years old, I wanted some Ninja Turtle toys. Since my parents wouldn't buy me any, I decided to make my own. I made up the pattern for the turtle bodie...
Make a spooky Darth Vader Pumpkin! style
How I created my Darth Vader pumpkin!
DIY R2D2 Lamp from $10 IKEA lamp style
This one came from shear distraction and procrastination, things that invaded my everyday life. I am building a full size R2D2 from scratch, when you are scratch building everything begins look like...
Regg2De2 - Egg Unit style
ONCE UPON A TIME IN A GALAXY …AN EGG - UNIT IN SEARCH FOR A FRIEND Maybe You Will Build One For Him? Welcome to my instructables. This time I want to share with you how to build R2D2 based on ...
How to Origami an X-Wing Starfighter style
Hi there! Ever wanted your own starfighter to destroy a giant paper Deathstar? You're in luck!
VHS Spiral Bound Notebook style
I, like many people, have a good number of old VHS tapes laying around. Some of the movies I now have on DVD, others I no longer care to keep and whatever falls between I can digitize should I wish. T...
How to Make an Ewok out of a Popsicle Stick style
What you will be making is an Ewok from the movie Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. (sorry if all the pictures are side ways, i took the pictures on my iPod) btw if you want to put on googely use, t...
How to Make a Stuffed Animal style
Making a stuffed animal AKA plush toy or "plushie" is not as difficult or expensive as it appears. In this Instructable I will take you through the process of how I made a stuffed Ewok from Star Wars ...
Make a R2D2 Starwars Hookah! or cookie jar etc style
This is a instructable in how to make you starwars R2D2 Hookah.. or just a regular R2D2 Cookie jar... etc... visit my blog at  http://hookahpromadness.blogspot.com/ for videos etc Disclaimer: This i...
R2D2 - Dark Roast Edition style
Star Wars, Love it or hate it.   One thing you can’t deny is the universal love and identification of one of its side characters R2D2, the little astromech droid who could.   Only now, he even better…...
Yoda Papercraft Easy (2-D) style
Instructable to make Yoda I will teach you! This is a very simple papercraft 2-D project for all ages.  This instructable will guide you to make your own master Yoda!