Star Wars Darth Vader Glass Engraving - DIY Dremel Project





Introduction: Star Wars Darth Vader Glass Engraving - DIY Dremel Project

Here are the list of items needed to accomplish the project:

  • Drinking Glass
  • Dremel Power Tool
  • Dremel Diamond Point
    • Point Bit #7134, 7103, 7105
  • Masking Tape
  • Safety Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • Darth Vader Print Out

Time from start to finish is approximately 3 hours

Step 1: Creating a Recycled Water Glass

We will use a recycled water glass from a wine bottle. To learn how to create this glass, check my other instructable here: "Create a Glass Out of a Wine Bottle" or watch the video here: Recycled Drinking Glass from a Wine Bottle

Step 2: Preparing the Glass for Etching

Align and tape the Print Art on the inside of the Glass on the desired position. Once the art is ready you can start the etching process with the Dremel. WARNING: Before start the engrave process with the Dremel, wear a safety goggle and dust mask the whole process.

Step 3: Trace the Darth Vader Contour

Using the finest Dremel Bit 7134, trace the contour of Darth Vader Art... Do it slowly with a lot of patient... Remember that a mistake cannot be rollback.

Step 4: Filling the Spaces

Using the Dremel medium ball point bit 7103, fill up the spaces that need to be frosted... Do it very slowly, an incorrect trace will destroy the whole project!

Step 5: Filling the Final Big Spaces

Almost Done... Using the Dremel Ball Ball Point 7105, fill out the remaining spaces.

Step 6: Final Result!

Hope you enjoy the project. To view the final results, watch the "Time Lapse Process" on the following video link: STAR WARS Time Lapse Glass Engraving



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SOOOOOOooo easy! Great idea! I use my Dremel for as many things as I can think of!

Hi SpankyO, I have used the bits in around 10 glass projects and up to now they are good. Your water advise is excellent, I will follow it during my next glass engraving process.


Great Instructable. I have one question, How long to your diamond bits last doing this? When I use the bits, I use them under running water to cool and prolong the life of the tips, and to stop breathing the glass dust. That is no Joke , People PLEASE, USE A MASK , Glass dust can kill you. And Again GREAT Instructable.

Great write-up... haha @safety GOOgles. Thanks for the instructible.

I had no idea that glass etching could be done with my dremmel! Such a cool idea! Now I have a DYI Christmas idea for my husband! Thank you!!