Star Wars Egg Ornaments





Introduction: Star Wars Egg Ornaments

Star Wars caricatures and a few sense i painted on eggs using acylic paint, i hope you enjoy them.



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    nice job
    Luke vs Vader is really great

    oh shoot i can name every character there (aayla secura!) dang it im a nerd. p.s. the R2D2 is sooo cute! i love it!

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    Congratualtions on being a Finalist. My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

    Nicely don! Congrats on being a finalist!

    I love Yoda and R2-D2!! Oh heck I love them all!! Great work!! My the force be with you!! (Is that too corny???) ;)

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    yay corn

    Now how can I not love these!! esp. R2!!

    mon calamari is an underwater planet in starwars...

    those are really awesome!

    Cool, You need the Death Star emu egg.

    Love it! It's "Leia," by the way. "Laya" was the name used in a porno spoof of Star Wars. Don't ask how I know. ;-)

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    oops... thank you for letting me know. i changed it so lets keep this between us. tee hee ;)

    Very Nice! I'd have to say that the Jawa one is my favorite!

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    thank you. the Jawa's eyes as well as R2's red light, C3-P0's eyes, and the lightsabers on Luke vs Vader all glow in the dark. thank you for your comment and i'm glad you like them.