Picture of Star Wars Endor Commando Helmet
By Chuck Gray AKA navarre1095

I could not find and endor Commando Donut anywhere so I decided to build one from scratch.  I went to the outdoor section at Walmart and got the Italian style planter with base for about 10 bucks.  For this project you will need:
1 planter, any color will do.
Tin snips
Foam insulation scraps
Liquid nails
Pocket planer or cheese grater file

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Step 1:

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Start with the 12-inch planter. Get the kind that has the detachable base.

Step 2:

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Rather than try to sketch the lines all the way around the pot, I use tape to lay the basic
shape out .

Step 3:

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Cut the basic shape from the planter with the base detached.

Step 4:

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These are the measurements for the cutout in the back.

Step 5:

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Iíve skipped several steps here. Remove the base. Cut an oval out of the base and set
aside. Cut the bottom 1 to 1-1/2 inches from the planter then glue the two pieces together
with liquid nails. Clamp the pieces together and go do something else for 24 hours. When
24 hours have elapsed you may begin filling in the gap between the planter and the base. 
In the back, cut a 6- inch wide strip from the planter portion. This will be that depression
in the back. Do not cut into the base portion. From the unused planter leftovers, cut a
piece just large enough to be glued to the inside of the donut. Cutting pieces of
posterboard as patterns to fit will really save time and plastic. When youíve got a piece
that you can live with, liquid nail it and clamp it for 24 hours. 
Take some scrap and a lighter at this point. Practice heating the plastic from the backside
until it gets soft. Take the back end of a Sharpie and make dents in the plastic. When you
can do this without wrecking the plastic, make some dents in the donut. Remember, the
ones in the movie are beat all to Hades.
awesome looks great! ill be trying this soon.