Star Wars Figure Display Box





Introduction: Star Wars Figure Display Box

I have a collection of vintage Star Wars figures and up until now they have all just sat on a shelf in no organized fashion and you can't really appreciate them fully all jumbled up so I decided to put them in a frame or display case for them.

i couldn't find any thing that I felt was nice or that matched my other picture frames etc. so I decided to make one myself.

This instruct able is how I went about doing that. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


- Saw
- Drill
- Screwdriver. 


- Wooden picture frame
- 25mm x 50mm wooden baton
- clear Perspex 
- Mirrored Perspex. 
- Glue. 
- Paint. 
- L brackets. 
- Screws. 
- Glue. 

Step 2: Extending the Frame.

First I measured the inside of the frame edge to create the box out the back of the frame. 

I cut the wooden battening to fit inside the rear of the frame. 

I used the L brackets to assemble the frame. 

I used the wood glue to secure the joins in the frame. 

Step 3: Choosing the Figure Layout.

Once I had the rear box frame made I knew how much space I had to play with. 

So I placed my action figures so they all fit inside the frame.

This allowed me to work out how many shelves and at what spacing I needed.


Step 4: Extending the Frame Part 2

I painted the rear boxing black. 

Using the measurements and spacing from laying out the figures I glued small runners made from plastic to hold up the shelves.

I then screwed the rear boxing into the front frame. 

Step 5: Adding the Figures.

I arranged the figures on each layer. 

I added a small amount of double sided tape to the feet of each figure after working out where the will stand and then stuck them to the shelf and added them to the frame. 

I repeated this for each shelf and filled the frame up. 

Step 6: Closing the Frame Up.

I added a layer of mirrored acrylic to the back of the frame, this was just so you can see the back of your figures. 

Step 7: Finished Frame.

Once all the figures are in the frame and the back is on its time to stand back and marvel at your collection of vintage Star Wars action figures. 



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    going to change this a little and do this for My Gundam models

    Funny a guy on Listia is trying to gain points from sharing your design

    do you have a link so i can take a look?

    Thanks. There are two 'sellers' using my stud and hundreds of other instructables pages. I'm going to file a copyright claim to get my stuff removed. Thanks for letting me know.

    Good. I always found what they are doing bad.

    the website has emailed me saying they are changing the site and not allowing that type of listing anymore so thats good.

    once again thatnks for pointing it out to me.

    I love this display box and I'm looking forward to making it. I have 2 questions, where did you get the photo frame ( I want to use the exact same one you showed in your pictures) and where can I get perspex? Thank you.

    Great way to display your collection. Have you thought about adding lights inside?

    Yeah I did think of it but once built I couldn't find a place for the LEDS where they aren't visible but still light the figures. (I don't like seeing LEDs when they are on)