Picture of Star Wars Film Cell Light Boxes
2013 11:30 AM.jpg
2013 11:30 AM.jpg
I love star wars and a while back i got s lot of film cells on ebay of star wars.

i guess these are from the remake from some times in the mid 1990.

I got loads and chose 8 of them and backed them onto a piece of card and used to have them on a shelf. they weren't getting looked at as much as i really wanted so recently i decided to see if i could make something more cool and useful.

This is how i went about making some film cell light boxes.
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Step 2: Choosing your film strips.

Using my iPad as a back light i looked at my film cells and checked them out to see which ones i wanted to use.

the film cells i had were of three sizes 2 large ones and 3 each of medium and small.

i decided to use all of the one i had but split them into two groups.

one group of one long strip and three medium, the other group of the other large strip and the three small ones.

Step 3: Cutting the mount board.

Picture of Cutting the mount board.
2013 06:46 PM.jpg
I measured the size of all the strips. The three sizes were 155mm x 35mm, 110mmx35mm and 95mmx35mm.

i also measured out the size of the glass of the box frame as the card needed to be exactly the same size as the glass.

once i had all the measurements i drew out a large square the size of the glass and plotted out the four holes for the film cells.

I did this two times as each card will have different sized holes as the film cells for each frame are different.

once i had cut all the holes i placed the card in the box frame to make sure it all looked right.
ilikecory1 year ago
awesome/cool!!!! hey y'all posted this on my bday!