Turn your boring old flash drive into a piece of aweome Geekware. I used a mold of Han in Carbonite. I was inspired by Enter The USB and the like. I get cool ideas from HackNMod.com and (of course) Instructables!

A flash drive
Something to put the flash drive into (a supercool mold of Han Solo in Carbonite, for example)
Something to attach it with (epoxy, duct tape, etc.)
Knife (or something else sharp and pointy)

**Possibly needed:
Scissors (to make the drive fit in the case)

Step 1: Get Your Flash Drive

Obtain a flash drive. This can be done at any office supply or computer store.

**NOTE**: I am not in any way to be held liable for your actions, and/or any injury or destruction of property that may occur.
I've done something similar but used the Han Solo in carbonite mould as a 4 port USB hub. I cut all the square "panels" out of the side and glue gunned in the innards of a cheap USB hub. It worked really well as you can see from the pictures. All I need now is a piece of grey plastic for the back...
You should submit an instructable, please.
Thats awesome!
those are both realy cool nice-ible's
Awesome I Have A Han Solo Shirt With Him Froze In Carbonite.<br /> <br />
where did you get the han solo thing, i am a huge starwars fan but i hate episode 3
...You are my hero.
wow, it looks awesome :O love the t-shirt too
Nice iMac.. Macs rule!!! btw... Mr. Linux.. Ubuntu isn't that great...
once you go mac, you cant go back.
%5 of ALL software is mac compatible, that means that %95 is for either linux or windows. So that's one of the reasons as to why mac programs are so expensive. That truly the only reason as to why i dont like mac. And you know Mac is this proverbial "people computer" but for school ive been using it for the past 5-6 week and still don't understand it, and i build computers so if really anybody was going to get the hang of it, it would be me....... but hay opinions are what make the world go around.
I build computers too, write code in HTML, Python, AppleScript and C++, and find mac the best. Windows is just terrible in every possible way, and when something goes wrong in Ubuntu, Red Hat, Solaris or FreeBSD, you find yourself looking through the bios for hours trying to fix the issue. Besides, Wine (the windows to linux converter) is a pain, and a lot of thing don't even have GUI.
yes, i would have to agree as far as writeing code etc, but for the average users that only use it for every day things windows i feel is worthy....
Sweet, but just out of curiosity, why are all the pictures inversed?
Because I took them with my built-in iSight Camera
Ahh... another flaw with Macs :p
you know of a better built in camera? or at least one that doesn't reverse images? thought not.
I'm just an anti-mac person. I don't like them, and they don't like working for me.
in other words u struggle to use one? just stick to windows my friend,<br/>*pats on head* :P<br/>
That's actually it. I hate the damn mouse on them. If I could plug in my windows mouse it'd be awesome, but of course macs don't like windows mouses (or atleast in my case).
may i ask which mouse ur using with it? personally i use a razer diamond back.
I've got the logitech G5.
usb overdrive, all ur windows mice/mac os x dreams made true. i agree the mac mouse is nothing compared to both razer and logitech.
Whatever. well, my mac mouse owns. so, yeah. and I DO own a nice logitech mouse and I CHOOSE NOT TO USE IT! If you want to spam on mac, go to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mac-sucks.com/">http://www.mac-sucks.com/</a> , not Instructables. and please, take your eleven-year-old drivel elsewhere unless you decide to actually contribute, not bash.<br/>
Alright, this will be my last post on this topic then. First of all, at no point do I bash you. I was voicing my opinion (which would fall under the first amendment if I was American) on macs. Secondly, it is 17 year old drivel (but to judge drivel based on age would be considered ageism, and so far the 'drivel' has been mature). My final point is that you mentioned compatibility issues with Vista. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit, and thus far haven't found any compatibility issues that don't have a work around. Thanks for the link to the anti-mac forum, I'd post there, but everyone would be in agreeance, and where's the fun there? Again, sweet Instructable.
I appreciate the compliment. Did you even watch the video? <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0sy2i5FMcI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0sy2i5FMcI</a> shows a tech reviewer, jimmy r, and all his problems with Vista, pre-patches, updates and stuff. Leopard, however, comes problem free with installation. (And is also about half of the price of Vista).<br/>And, in case you didn't notice, the anti mac forum was meant as a joke. you know that while windows was still in XP (Don't get me wrong, XP is awesome) there were several NEW OS's while Vista's development took over 5 YEARS? Any major developments to show that besides a lack of &quot;Start&quot; on the Start Menu, a shiny new interface (woopdeedoo...coverflow was integrated on iTunes a looooongggg time ago), and Readyboost?<br/>Come on. bring some intelligent arguments besides &quot;It sucks and I hate it.&quot;<br/>Also, you said &quot;I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit, and thus far haven't found any compatibility issues that don't have a WORK AROUND.&quot; What 'work arounds&quot; does Leopard need? are any of their programs completely nonfunctional???? <br/>
I honestly think that the mac windows arguement is a matter of to each their own. They both have their pros and cons.
well, personally i beleave that and ultimate set-up consists of a carefully set up equilbrium of mac os x, windows, and linux. a carefull equalibrium thats all running on my macbook. *cracks whip*
haha..yeah! well, I'm gonna partition my drive soon and put on xp and ubuntu
dual booting is fine, but 3 os can be a pain as its not supported by apple. u also need the latest version of xp with sp2 on one disc. i personally use parellels on my macbook, with 2 gigs of ram it quite happily runs windows xp as if was an application on my desktop (i also use this for linux)
So macs have a flaw then? Also, to add to the argument, almost everything is made for pc's, so good luck finding many things (other then the fact that more things are going open source). Also, you are only commenting on the software, in particular osx, when a mac is a type of machine, not an operating system. You might as well build a pc for 1200$ less and put osx on it.
I never said mac was flawless - just that it had alot less flaws than windows. To counter your argument - name any program for windows, and i will find you an alterntative that does the job just as well, or better. Ive built many a computer before, both for work and play, and i tell you now, i would pay the extra money for a mac anyday - there better built, and just all round more reliable. Also, you shouldnt use the argument of hardware and software, because too often people compare lack luster yesterday technology with apples current innovative technology.
first of all, you should realize that you are fighting two arguments at one. In the definition of a mac, on should be talking totally of hardware, to argue operating system, one must specify. I can put OSX on a pc therefore PC>MAC if one were to talk about toal upgradableness and amount of avaliable parts. As well, apple puts a lot of shiney things on their macs like the accelerometer on the mac book. I know its true purpose is to turn off the hard drive, but its really just there as a geek toy.
Im more than happy to fight both arguments - but i prefer the words discussion and debate. Hands down my powermac is alot easier to upgrade than a pc - have you had a go inside of one of these things? An i put exactly the same parts in that you would in your pc. Yes i will admit that apple charges alot of money for 'apple parts', but i buy mine off ebay. As for the accelerometer, well i havnt used it as a geek toy, but i kno someone who was overly pleased when they found out the accelerometer had saved there harddrive out of there ibm thinkpad....
so basically you have a pc in a mac shell, with the mac os
no, its a mac, pay attention please.
Macs, they work. /end of disscusion
i hate macs because of them being used in schools they are all old and worthless crapbags, just showing kids how much they suck
To each their own. I despise html.
well, i guess u shudnt just rub off macs, cos of small things - like mice, alot of these problems i have had, and found many solutions
As soon as people start making decent games for mac and making macs easily user upgradeable, I will switch. I think macs are awesome, but I need windows for gaming.
My answer: Boot camp
but it still doesn't mean you can take your mac apart and add to it like you can on a PC. I'm typing this on a WinDOZE XP machine running @2.8GHz dual-core 64-bit with 1gb of ram that I made myself just after Christmas and I'm still adding bits to it every other week
hey, im not bashing windows or anything - but i bort myself a second hand powermac, the only thing not upgradable is the chip set. which is dual 1.8ghz, and gives most dual cores a run for there money! Keep an open mind my friend, and u will go far.
I do try to keep an open mind, but I had never heard of a mac being upgradeable. now that I know I may well have to switch.
Oh, and btw, i picked up my powermac for about £400, which is about 800 dollars. So it was a pretty good buy for a dual chip machine! Since buying it ive upgraded the ram to 3gb, and upgraded the hdd to a 320gb raid set up. Just need to save up the money to max out the ram to 8gb! ps any questions about macs etc - just message me!
Also, Mac Pros are upgradable....You can get the basic for $2,700 and then upgrade it yourself. It's all slide in, no tools necessary.
i hate to point it out, but the mac mouse is a logitech. and that razer mice are superior to both logitech and mac mice. otherwise i agree with ur arguments, and the ones below.

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