Step 5: Attaching and important notes !!!

Attach the flash drive in some way to your case. For me, duct taping was enough. If you want it to look real purdy, you might want to use epoxy, available at most hardware stores. Lather an even coat over the drive if you choose to do it this way.

**IMPORTANT NOTES!!!** BEFORE attaching, make sure the read only/read and write switch (If you have one) is in the read AND write position, or else you will be able to view your data, but not add or remove any (I did this, and ended up having to perform "Surgery" [Cutting open the duct tape :)] on my already attached flash drive to fix it).

** It may sound dumb, but seriously. Be careful with the cutting. If you are young (like all the people I see in most online games I play :P) please, get someone else to help.